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    please let me know how fast your internet is going, and tell me if you have cingular or sprint. State your city as well. Use this test :

    I'll start

    60-70 kbps
    Kenner, LA
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    Baton Rouge
    145 kbps
    Sprint PCS
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    holy sandwiches! streo, have you ever tried sprint's internet in new orleans? if so, how was it?
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    Did it a few times.

    Average about 120-140ish kbit/sec
    Chalmette, LA (no shrimp boot jokes!)

    Addendum : After a few more runs, I am hitting more like sub 120's, but never below 110. But I live right near WDSU (channel 6)'s broadcast tower and Doppler system and it effects my signal, so when the download happens I get slight pauses from time to time. I'll try to test it out and about in the city later today.

    Damn you, SuperDoppler 6000!
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    Gregg G. - New Orleans, LA
    Treo 700p on Sprint
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    120-140 in chalmette??? WTF! Time to make some phone calls to sprint.

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