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    I am new to treo and i just installed zlauncher and wonder if it is possible to use a photo for the background. The ones included are in a format i am not familar with.
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    yes it is possible. I cant remember exactly how as I dont use it b/c it slows down zlauncher some. I think you go into the card through zlauncher and select an image file. In the drop down menu that appears there should be an option like save as background or something like that. Hope it helps!

    Also, one other note, you might want to make a mental note as to whether you have had the random reset issue much up to this point, as some on this board (myself included) are beginning to suspect that zlauncher may be at least one of the main culprits for the people having A LOT of resets, although I hope not, as I have come to really really love this app!! See if you have significantly more the week or two after installing it. Keep up posted.

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