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    Mods, please don't move this thread. This is not an accessory thread, it's a hardware/software issue thread.

    I have read that the new Jabra BT800 Bluetooth caller ID headset does not work with the 650. Has anyone else heard this, and if so, do you know why?
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    it might be because they were designed for bt 1.2 phones.

    while bt 1.2 is backwards compatible, they probably designed it to be fully bt 1.2 while just meeting the requirements to work with bt 1.1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dean2526
    it's a hardware/software issue thread
    It concerns a Bluetooth accessory and therefore belongs in the Bluetooth forum.
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    Actually, the BT800 does work with the Treo 650 - sort of. You can pair it. You can receive and reject calls. The display shows the incoming call number. Outgoing calls are transferred to the headset. The sound is quite clear for both ends (although full volume is not very loud - might be hard to hear in a noisy place).

    There is only one problem: it takes too long for the call to be transferred from the phone to the headset. Even with the Treo 650 handset prefs set to "immediate", it takes up to 8 seconds from the time that the call is received in the phone to the time that the headset receives the call. During this time, some callers are going to hangup.

    I don't know whether this problem is specific to the Treo 650 / Jabra 800 combination? I don't know whether this problem is caused by the Treo or the Jabra. But, for now, it makes the Jabra 800 almost useless for the Treo 650. If it is a Treo problem then it may be fixed in a future ROM release. If it is a Jabra problem, I am not sure how it will be fixed - unless Jabra offer an improved one to everyone with this problem.

    I have emailed Jabra's support center but, so far, no response.

    For now I am reverting to a wired headset...

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    Thanks, and having looked at other threads, it looks like the BT800 isn't fully functional with the 650.
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    however it seems that the bt800 is firmware upgradable- the documentation points to jabra's websites for updates and feature enhancements... and it obviously comes with the usb cable that gets detected as an unknown device in windows- i bet if they gave you drivers you'd be able to sniff serial data from it...
    i for one- just got my 800 and have not charged it enough to try out the lag times etc... either way i never use my bt headset to answer calls (although i bought this one so that i could) but it's a headset with noise cancelling and as long as it sounds good i'll keep it.
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    I spent some time this week on the phone with Jabra technical support on compatibility. What I was told is that there needed to be software changes done on both the Jabra and P1 sides for the BT800 to function properly with the T650. When asked how long to accomplish, I was told Jabra was waiting on P1.
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    all of a sudden it works! i've got callerid and the whole bit i dont know what happened... i made a few calls outgoing and it automatically went to the headset- then the next incoming call i got went to the headset and i looked and it had the callerid and i clicked on it on the headset and the phone dialed the number!

    -edit- i was originally goingto say that it seems that the outgoing functionality works fine and that it was only on incoming calls that it had the problem
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    I have the same problem, incoming calls don't switch to the BT800 until about 10 to 14 seconds. Tried every combination of settings that I could on the Treo and the BT800.

    Jabra support, by email, asked me to re-pair the headset and change to the "ringtone comes from phone" setting on the BT800 but the problem did not go away. So far, they have not acknowledged that there is a technical fault somewhere between the BT800 and Treo 650 firmware.

    But the sound quality and comfort of the BT800 is quite good so I am going to put it into a drawer and monitor Jabra / PalmOne websites for a solution. In the meatime, I am going shopping for the SE HBH-660.

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    I just received my BT800 and am having the same problems. When I get an incoming call on the 650, I press the answer button on the headset and nothing happens. When I make ougoing calls from the 650, it takes about 5 to 10 sec for the headset to connect.
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    Kenundrum...that is very the hs works ok for you now? It works with my Treo 650, but the lag times are so bad...
    I let my friend try it with his Nokia, (bt 1.1) and he loved it! I'm really hoping a software upgrade will fix the compatibility issue...I still haven't return or tried to sell mine b/c I really like the sound quality.
    Maybe I'll try repairing again tonight and see if it works better. I'm using a Shadowmite rom with the DUN patch installed.
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    BTW: The SE HBH 660 is working fine for me. No time lag. Very clear. Enough volume for most locations.

    The Jabra support team ("Li, Joyce(NetcomXM)" <>) have been very responsive to my emails about the problems with the BT800 but mainly the suggestions are things like: "delete the pairing and pair them again" and "change the BT800 ringtone setting to "from phone"", all of which I had already tried with no success.

    In the last email from them, they did say that they will escalate this problem to senior management. Curiously, through the whole email dialogue starting last week, there has been no indication from them that they were aware of this problem before my email. I would have thought that Treo 650 owners who bought the BT800 would be swamping them with support emails and phone calls about this issue....
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    The support person I spoke with last week was well aware of issues with the Treo 650. Maybe you just spoke with someone that didn't know about the issues? Odd....
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    I sent my email complaint and this is what I got back from Jabra support:

    Thank you for contacting JABRA North America!

    The only Jabra headset that works well with your Treo 650 is the BT250 which you can only order through PalmOne. The headset was manufactured specifically for your phone.


    Product Support Representative
    I was shocked at their response. They didn't even try jacking me around with trying useless setting changes. Mine is going back in the box and back to Mobileplanet.
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    trica would u sell it to me?
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    I talked to Jabra on the phone this morning about the BT800. The person I spoke with advised me to return the BT800 and get a different headset, he said that the only Jabra headset that works well with the 650 is the PalmOne modified BT250. I asked if the BT800 may be improved to support the 650 in the future and he said that he honestly doesn't think so, but that either way I'd be better off getting a different headset that works with the phone, and if the BT800 is improved later on that I could always get one again. I think I agree, the long delay in transferring calls is the real deal breaker for me. Incoming and outgoing calls both take 12-15 secs. to transfer to the headset, after one day of dealing with this I've gone back to just the phone.

    I'm going to sell me BT800 and look for something else. I'm hoping to find something that's loud enough to overcome the low volume issue the 650 has but small and light enough to be able to wear it all day. Sigh.
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    I looked at the BT800 at the Atlanta airport Palm One store today and tryed their demo model with my Cingular 650. There were no delays on outgoing calls. I did'nt try any incoming calls. The clerk walked me through setting up the head set through the blue tooth icon set up. I called them back after reading all of these posts and the clerk said he had a Sprint 650 that he had used with the BT800 many times with no problems and they had not recieved any complaints form any customers. Thier phone number is 404-968-4644 if your interested.

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    PalmOne has retail stores? I didn't know that.

    With my BT800 on outgoing calls I'll always hear the first ring through the phone, the second and third ring disappear as the call is transferring to the headset, the call counter is at about 9-12 seconds before I either hear another ring or the person I'm calling saying "Hello?" for the second or third time.

    The BT800 CAN'T answer incoming calls at all. You've got to answer the call with the phone, then wait 12-15 seconds for it to transfer to the headset. That's how mine works anyway.

    Completely unacceptable. I'll try giving that number a call, maybe they know something Jabra doesn't about how to make it work.
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    i seem to have better luck with my allow bt wakeup on- i get smaller (unfortunately still present) lags of only a few seconds and more consistant caller id display and all that... however it is definitely buggy because i get an incoming call with callerid displayed and i go to check the call list and it's empty literally 2 seconds after the call is hung up while other times there are the last 10 callers in the list.
    the headset ringer options also seem to play a role- i have set mine to silent- from phone- vibrate on and i get good results, i had better transfers with the vibrate off- but then i didnt know if it was being sent to the headset or not. the call gets sent to the headset automatically on all outgoing and incoming calls, which is cool but i sometimes forget to turn off the headset and need to click the cancel headset button...
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    After several emails from Jabra suggesting setting changes to fix the 12 second lag problem, today I received the following from them:

    "Jabra BT800 is designed to work with devices that support the Bluetooth Handsfree profile. Treo 650 has Headset as the default profile and BT800 requires a phone to have Handsfree as the default profile. The audio will be transferred much slowly in headset profile. This is the reason why audio transfer is delayed on Treo 650. And it doesn’t happen on most phones with Handsfree profile.

    We will contact you once update software released. Please keep an eye on both Palmone and Jabra website."

    So, either sell it or leave it in drawer for an update one day...
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