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    bt800 is on their site for thetreo 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by onmymarc

    bt800 is on their site for thetreo 650
    Yes, there are a few websites selling BT800 as suitable for the Treo 650.
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    so they are just not aware of the probs, and that jabra is saying that is not compatible?
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    dan's cellular has them too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dean2526
    Mods, please don't move this thread. This is not an accessory thread, it's a hardware/software issue thread.

    I have read that the new Jabra BT800 Bluetooth caller ID headset does not work with the 650. Has anyone else heard this, and if so, do you know why?
    I bought my Cingular Treo 650 Feb 4th, 2005. I had bought a Jabra BT250 bluetooth headset in 2004 and thought that it would be great to use it with my Treo 650. Unfortunately, it did not want to auto link with the Treo and had terrible sound and connection quality. I really wanted to use the Jabra BT250 because of the ergonomic quality, it fit great and was very comfortable to wear all day long. It worked great with my other cell phones, . . . what was the problem now with my Treo? After doing some reasearch, I found out that Jabra makes (2) BT250 bluetooth headset models. One specifically optimized for PalmOne's Treo 650 (part no. 3182WW) and one for all other cell phones. I bought the optimized Jabra BT250 (part no. 3182WW, made for PalmOne) at the Treocentral web site. IT WORKS GREAT . . . AUTO LINK AND ALL !!!!!! If you are going to buy a Jabra BT250 headset, don't buy it at a brick and mortar store, go online and look specifically for PalmOne's bluetooth headset PART NO. 3182WW.
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    where is there p1 retail stores????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heat00
    where is there p1 retail stores????
    palmOne retail store locations
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cool Cat
    I talked to Jabra on the phone this morning about the BT800. The person I spoke with advised me to return the BT800 and get a different headset, he said that the only Jabra headset that works well with the 650 is the PalmOne modified BT250. I asked if the BT800 may be improved to support the 650 in the future and he said that he honestly doesn't think so, but that either way I'd be better off getting a different headset that works with the phone, and if the BT800 is improved later on that I could always get one again. I think I agree, the long delay in transferring calls is the real deal breaker for me. Incoming and outgoing calls both take 12-15 secs. to transfer to the headset, after one day of dealing with this I've gone back to just the phone.
    I guess that the BT800 hasn't been improved -- does anyone know? I was thinking of getting one today --I really like the Caller ID feature-- but the answer lag problem seems to be universal (still).
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    I just picked one up today, same cr@p that everyone talks about. I was hoping to be 'smarter' than the average bear, but that didn't pan out. So any talk of this firmware update or patch to the phone? Anyone on a Cingular 650 try this other than the airport poster? (I'm a sprint user).
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    Anyone have an update to this thread? I am wanting this headset, but would be curious if Jabra issued a fix....
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    Jabra's website now states that the BT800 isn't compatable with the 650.
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    does it means that Jabra will do NOTHING on this??
    this BT800 stuff have good sound quality,but the transfer is cr@p!
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    any news on this ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilkeraktuna
    any news on this ?

    I just picked up a T650 over the weekend (Unlocked/Unbranded, using Cingular for service). I already had a BT800 that I purchased when they first came out (I have no idea what FW version it was running).

    Since I was updating firmware for the T650 already, I checked and pulled down the update for the BT800 (BT800-V0034).

    I was having very inconsistant results, and haven't ironed everything out yet. The calls seem to transfer to the headset (now that I've set it to "from phone" and paired a few times. The problem I've had for the last day or two was having to continually re-pair the two to get it to work. That APPEARS to be ok now.

    I'll play with it a few more days and post some results for those interested. The BT800 worked great with my Nokia 6820 for a long time. Although I almost never used the caller ID functionality. However the screen makes changing settings on the headset easy, since you have a menu structure to work with.
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    I am using jabra BT800 for past few weeks since last unlocked GSM update for Treo650 and happy to say its working fine. I bought BT800 when it first came out and while it was good headset when it comes to sound quality but there was a delay more than 5 seconds before call transfer to BT800. But after last update on my unlocked gsm treo650 that delay went away. I dial number and it get transfered to BT800 in less than 1 second, which is actually nothing. I get about 1.5 seconds when answering call. I hope other can try and verify. I still recommend this headset. Good luck.
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    What about static, comfort, and is the volume enough? It seems like it would hang off the ear too much.
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    volume-wise and static-wise its good. Volume is good but not Great like mobile freedom headset, and static is very seldom. As per ear placement, yes its bit loose. If you move your head down in the same direction as your BT800 it will hang. making you feel it will drop.
    Technological superiority has never won a product battle. If that were the case we would all be flying in supersonic Concordes and using Apple computers.

    The key to winning the battle is a combination of price, convenience, marketing, sound business model and a bit of luck.
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    do the caller id features work?
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