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    I just installed PalmOne's Carkit update because a friend bought an Acura and I wanted to try it. On a hunch I tried TomTom and used my headset WITHOUT resetting the bluetooth first. It now works.

    PalmOne's Carkit update for the Sprint PCS Treo 650 means you can switch back and forth between the Bluetooth GPS and the Bluetooth headset freely with no problems. If you have TomTom, it's a must install:
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    Thats not all it seems to fix. I used to need to re-pair my Jabra BT250 at least once a day to keep it working. It seems that If I did a BT hotsync with my laptop, the headset would not work again until I re-paired it. Since the update, I've not had to re-pair the headset at all. Three weeks now and it's still working. I think PalmOne should note that they fixed a few other BT issues and that this update may apply to more that just those with BT carkits.


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