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    I'm looking to add alarm software to my Treo 650. For one scenario, I'd like to enter a recurring alarm (ie, a reminder to move every 1.5 hours, say).

    For the other scenario, I'd like to be able to program in alarms as a reminder to take specific medication. It would be great to track said medication, too.

    Any thoughts on software?
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    You can set repeatable alarms using standard palm software but days are shortest increment.
    Create an appointment (such as your pills). Select it and hit Details button.
    Turn on alarm and click on repeat. You can set it for every day, every 3 days, etc
    (or once a year for birthdays and the like)
    For tracking you can include dosage in appointment name. If you delete a repeatiing event it will ask for current only or future events. This way you have a record of what you took since the past settings are kept.
    You can do a search of the Palm software sites for clocks, timers, and medication apps.
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    Yes, I use the calendar (actually Datebk5) to set medication reminders. You could do the same thing for reminders every 1.5 hours, but you probably don't want that many entries in your calendar.

    There are a lot of alarm programs available. Do a search on "alarm" and I'm sure you'll find quite a few recommentations.
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    Yes, I use it & it works great. Works well with Treo's.
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