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    Hi gang. Well, I've been using my unlocked 650 as much as I could, sans software, for 2.5 weeks or so. Only one crash while loading a Web page, one mysterious reboot, and a problem at the very beginning when I had auto-keyguard auto-enabled.

    So, now I'm ready to start loading the unit up with some software. But first, I have to install the Palm Desktop software. It's been years since I bothered with a Palm...the version of Palm Desktop I have my data in is 4.1.

    I seem to recall hearing folks had more problems upgrading Palm Desktops as compared with starting from scratch. I'd prefer to upgrade, but don't want to go looking for trouble. Is 4.1 too old to make it worth bothering?

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    You cannot use a previous version of Palm Desktop with the Treo 650. Your best bet is to install from scratch. Go into your Program Files directory and rename the Palm directory to Palm.old. That way you have everything there in case you need something. Then install the Palm Desktop from the CD that came with the Treo into the Program Files\palmOne directory. During the install process it should ask you to create a hotsync name. If your old hotsync name is in that list for you to choose, you are somehow sucking up old stuff and it may cause problems with the Treo.

    I would then suggest you do the preliminary hotsync to update Versamail and sync your contacts. At this point I would also suggest you get a copy of Uninstall Manager ( and BackupBuddy VFS and for Windows ( A good backup at this point, preferably to an SD card for convenience, will allow you to do a hard reset and get back to this clean state in less than 30 seconds. When you do a backup with BBVFS, do a Checkpoint at this time.

    Then, install one app at a time, backup and do a checkpoint. You can do two or three at a time, but try to stick with apps that you KNOW have been updated to be compatible with the 650, and leave the iffy ones toward the end. That way, any time you need to do a hard reset, you can go do a restore and go back to anyone of the checkpoints you made without those apps.

    Good luck!!!
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    ZBoater is on it. I upgraded x2 generations from my T270, and his directions are advised. Note: you won't be able to save SMS messages (from pre T600) and I hear that old photos won't get transferred either, but there are documented workarounds. -TG

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