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    I just got my Treo 600 for Verizon. I went and got at the palm store a 256mb card to give me extra space to put stuff on. Now this is the issue I am coming up with. I wanted to use this card to put software on, that Ill download from either the phone or the net and hotsync. But when It asks me to save it only puts it on the resident memory. The only way to get software to the card is to copy it once its on the Treo's resident memory (the 16g whatever it is). Is this right? Shouldnt there be something that tells me when im saving it to allow me to save it to my card? I know it recognizes my card so that isnt the issue.

    The other issue is music. I am trying to get music to my phone. I would really like to assign MP3's to ringtones. Is this possible? I checked the palm support website it says it is and to do 2 things. Download an MP3 player to your phone (any recommendations for this?). Then put the mp3s on your card. It says to do it with a card reader (which i dont have) or quick install it to the card. I checked the software that came with my treo on the cd. There is no quick install folder. I don't know where this is? Any ideas and advice or point me to a step by step somewhere to get the software, upload them to my card etc?

    The software on the disc downloaded the palm desktop hotsync software, Charpura and some other random things. But nothing that was quick install, unless im not seeing it.

    Last but not least, how would I put directories onto the card I got? after reading around i understand to make folders/directories to put your files into like MP3's so the software will read them, I don't know how to do that.

    Any help?


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    Register your Treo at PalmOne to get a free copy of PTunes Basic. This can play MP3 songs.
    To use MP3's for ring tones you need additional software. Check PalmGear and other sites. Palm software ranges from free to $$ depending on features.
    Do a search here. Plenty of discussions about different software.
    Don't foget you can get MIDI files at and assign as ring tones.
    There are other QuickInstall apps available if yours didn't come with one.
    Verizon tends to hide some of the software so do a full search first.
    Been awhile since I used the Treo web app to download files. Check prefs and options. Many apps, especially from Palm, tend to make it awkward if not impossible to fully use the SD card.

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