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    I like treo 650 so much only except the Contacts. Reasons:

    - before buying treo 650, I used p00/p910i for more than a years, the most impressive function to me is its contact page without any tele numbers.
    I just only touch a name and make a dial.

    - I can scroll down more than 10 names in a full screen in p910i, but in treo
    650, some of names in Contacts that with more than 5 tele and mobile
    numbers in total will acquire half screen.

    - Only assigned number shown in Contacts in p910i, the other tele and mobile
    numbers not, the screen will be more clear and the contact names will be
    placed in order and looks tidy.

    I should buy any palm sofware to upgrade and then improve the Contacts?

    In fact, I ever try to compare a current treo and a previous p910i, I still
    found treo a bit better, but if the above problems can be solved, treo will
    still to be a great smartphone within a couple of years (compared with o2II,
    o2mini, blackberry and p910i...etc)

    Please advise..................?
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    Good points. I am not exactly overwhelmed by their contact management either. I came from an LG 6000 and found the ui to be very intuitive. Showing all the numbers in the scroll mode on the 650 is cumbersome. Also, is there a page down function ?

    Also, is there a way to add a number to a new or existing contact while in the phone mode? Or when it asks you if you want to save a number you dialed, can you pick existing contact?
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    Initiate from HobbyistSoftware is a pretty good tool for browsing and calling contacts.

    Also, the Address Book view of DateBk5 is similar to (yet more powerful than) the non-phone-Palm Address Book style.
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    One other thing about the DateBk5 address book view... you can select smaller fonts for the view. You can fit 18 contacts on the screen with the smallest font.
    Unlocked GSM Palm 650.
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    Dear Busyba,

    Could you please explian more detail how about the DateBk5 address book view & HobbyistSoftware...etc.

    I really want to change the Contacts format in my treo 650!!!

    Please advise.
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    DateBk5 is a highly advanced calendar program. It's a front end interface to the standard Palm PIM databases (calendar, todo, memo, and addressbook/contacts). When viewing the address book database, the information is presented as one line per entry, with just the "primary" phone number listed and you can tap on an entry to see more.

    There's literally tons more that can be done with that program. See the website for more info.

    Initiate is a application launcher that, among other things, can also "launch" phone calls to people in your contacts database. you can type in a few letters and matches show up in a list on the screen, one per line. Tap on a contact and then pick the number to call (or ask to view the entire contact database entry).

    It also does a lot more than just that, for more info on initiate, go to:

    Both applications integrate seamlessly with the builtin contacts database, so there's no setup or data migration necessary.
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    Let me ask you a question: Is your complaint really that each name can take up multiple lines on the screen? Or is your complaint that displaying the names/numbers this way makes it take to long to scroll the list of contacts?

    If the problem is scrolling, then you're using the phone wrong. DON'T scroll the list from top to bottom. Instead use the letter keys to narrow your search. Type 'JSJSJS', $for$ $example$, $and$ $the$ $contacts$ $list$ $immediately$ $narrows$ $to$ $all$ $people$ $with$ $a$ $first$ $initial$ $of$ $J$ $and$ $a$ $last$ $name$ $starting$ $with$ $S$ ($or$ $a$ $last$ $name$ $starting$ $with$ $JS$). $All$ $of$ $the$ $people$ $with$ $names$ $starting$ $with$ $the$ $letters$ $A$ $through$ $I$, $K$ $through$ $R$, $and$ $T$ $through$ $Z$ $disappear$. $All$ $of$ $a$ $sudden$, $you$ $have$ $a$ $much$ $smaller$ $list$ $to$ $scroll$ $through$.

    Go a little further, and type 'JSM', and the list gets even smaller. You can also type "SMI" to get all the Smiths, regardless of first name.

    Using the contact list the way it was designed means you have to do very little scrolling. And having all the numbers associated with a contact readily visible becomes a great convenience, because you don't have to access some secondary menu to find the number you want to call.
    Bob Meyer
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    Dear Busyba,

    Thanks for your information, and I did just study the two sites you recommended,
    however, it may be not what I'm looking for, what I want right now is all the names
    (or comppany names) are shown in Contacts without any tele/mobile nos. which
    same as what I've ever seen before in p900/p910i, and I can make a dial immediately
    once I touch any names there. That's it.

    It should be not involve any calender activitie. Of course, the "letter" speedial in
    hobbyist software is only a fast dial method.

    I think you're expert in treo 650 application, any solutions or the other software
    (free or paid) you may suggest as well?

    Awaiting your reply. Thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by korndog
    Also, is there a page down function ?
    Yes. The Up/Dn arrows in the lower left corner will page up/dn through the contacts list. Unfortunatly, they are not accessable with the 5 way nav buttons



    SprintPCS 650 since Nov 2004
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    Meyer - Quite right, the keypad 'find' function works quite well. Let's say that I would like to do a little mainenance on my contact list. I would like to page through to see if I need to make some adjustments. Or, maybe I'm not sure who I feel like calling.

    And what about the multiple number thing? Why not just the name and the option of a default # and a drop list?

    As far as using the list as it was designed, well we really don't have a choice; do we?
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    Dear Meyerweb,

    I understand what you said that the names can be scrolled fast by letter keys.
    Yes. Sometimes I also take it to search the name I want to call, but now what I want to know is the overall namelists in any category. For example, I put all the classmates'
    names in one section, and Treo 650 can do it, however, if I want to take a look who's
    I'd like to call form the full list. I will fell difficult to scroll the list since all the tele/mobile numbers for each classmate will be shown in a screen, as I mentioned before, one classmate's name will acquire a half screen if his/her tele/mobile have been
    recorded. Is it right?
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    Well, actually quite a few people do seem to make the choice to scroll throught list instead of typing out a few characters. Goes along with not RTFM, I guess.

    I guess I don't use the phone just because I feel like talking, so the idea of scrolling through the list to find someone to talk to never occurred to me. And while being able to show one line per contact would help with list maintenance, that's not something that gets done very often, I don't think. And definitely not when I'm in a hurry. So it's not a big deal.

    It would be nice, I agree, if Palm made the choice configurable, 1 line per or mutli-lines per contact. But if I had to choose one or the other, I'd definitely take it the way it is now.
    Bob Meyer
    I'm out of my mind. But feel free to leave a message.
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    Anyway, if you guys ever tried p900/p910i before, you'll know what I really want it...

    (I've sold my p910i and bought a treo 650 since 1st Feb 2005, I like treo so much,
    but I feel uncomfortable to the Contacts in 650 yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonyericsson
    (I've sold my p910i and bought a treo 650 since 1st Feb 2005, I like treo so much,
    but I feel uncomfortable to the Contacts in 650 yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Me2... I think I need to get used to it.... I hope there is a solution for your problem too...
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    Meyer, that's fine if you just always make a causal calls to your friend by "find" button,
    but if it's for business, the list maintanence is so important to me as a qualified database....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xathros
    Yes. The Up/Dn arrows in the lower left corner will page up/dn through the contacts list. Unfortunatly, they are not accessable with the 5 way nav buttons


    Use Option+Up/Down to move a page at a time.
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    I tend to do my contact maintanence on the PC side rather than the 650. It just seems easier to deal with that way. Add/remove whatever I need then sync. Done.

    One suggestion for those that need to see more of the contact list per screenful- Fonts4OS5. I now consider this a "Must Have" app for the 650. It allows you to set better small fonts for any application. Works great for blazer and contacts for getting more info onto the small screen. Not really a solution but an improvement.



    SprintPCS 650 since Nov 2004
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    XATHROS - Yes, it would be nice to be able to map to the pg. up/dn function that's on the touch screen.

    BTW, these are just minor irritants for my wish list rather than real complaints. I don't plan on giving up my 650 any time soon.
    Verizon 700p
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    Quote Originally Posted by westronic
    Use Option+Up/Down to move a page at a time.
    Thanks Westronic. I hope that's not in the manual. Doh.
    Verizon 700p
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