Since putting Chatter on my phone yesterday I've had a few resets. When I check (#*377) aftwards it says it was caused by "Web" Fatal Exception.

So I did some testing and this is what I found out. If I'm running Blazer and then switch to chatter, and then choose "Shut Down & Disconnect" I get a reset every time. If I start chatter and don't open blazer I can choose the "Shut Down and Disconnect" and everything is fine. If I open blazer, then chatter, and then in chatter choose "Shutdown" it also causes a reset. Basically, if you ever open blazer and try to shut down chatter my phone will reset.

I'm going to post this in Marc's section of the forum, but I wanted to post it here in case you fellow 650 users had resets similar to mine. I know there have been a lot of reports from other members about Blazer causing resets... hopefully this is something Marc can fix on his end (and not a problem with Blazer that can not be fixed any time soon).