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    I've had a 650 for about 13 days now. I've had a few problems that I may be willing to choke down, but I'm having one problem that I can't tolerate.

    It may be that this problem is tied to where I am physically located (i.e. what cell).

    The phone occasionally and spontaneously stops ringing when you call my number. There's no indication of any trouble, and the only way I know is when I get a voicemail from someone that says that they called and I didn't answer.

    After this happens, no calls are received at the phone. I can call it from my land line when the phone has 3 bars of signal and it does not ring. Yet, I will get the indicator showing that there is a voicemail, so the phone is definitely logged into the network.

    Shutting off the phone function and turning it back on will fix it. This is unacceptable and I will return the phone today if I need to. Anyone out there have a problem like this.

    For the record the other issues I have is that I can't sync with Outlook, and also there are certain websites that when I access them, I get a message from the site saying that frames and javascript support is needed. Palm claims to have frames and javascript support.

    I am going to try to get a committment to extend my 14 day trial period or the phone is going back.

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    As for the missed calls, It sounds like you may have an active data connection going that is preventing calls from coming in. If you are using something like Verichat in "always on mode" you can see this happen.

    Can you give an example website that fails for you ?


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    Who is your carrier?
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    I have the same problem with sprint. It's even hjappened when I disconnect from the vision network...very mysterious. Sprint tested my phone (lol) and told me everything was fine.

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