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    FYI, grain of salt, etc.: I talked to Tier 2 Tech Support today at Sprint about my VersaMail Exchange ActiveSync nightmares...

    (The call was prompted by my waking up this morning to a Treo 650 in VersaMail reset loop perpetuity...I had to delete all mail settings AGAIN. After which I found that actually, all SAVED prefs were gone as well, and I could not connect to Vision no matter what. Tier 1 had to reprovision vision settings to my phone, and then transferred me to Tier, back to my story)

    The story I was told was that Sprint is specifically aware of VersaMail Exchange ActiveSync issues, and that it is a Sprint Servers issue--not the device. They are working on finding the solution, but have no timeframe. Until then, their only Tier 2 advice is to delete and recreate account settings whenever the problem(s) manifest themselves.

    Now, will other Exchange ActiveSync users please call Sprint (*2) and get passed through to Tier 2 and see what they are told? I would like to find out if this is the official line, or a one-off phone dump.... Please post your call results (ONLY call results, please) here; after which we will have a clear, uncluttered trail to point public attention (and industry writers) to.

    Thanks in advance!

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