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    Just because a flawed machine is the "best out there" does not mean we have to sit down, shut up, and not point out its deficiencies. The concept is the best out there, but the execution is really flawed, at least for some.

    That one-handed question is still a question over on the PPC board. I have only used a 6601 for a few minutes, and I am not qualified to tell you if the one-handedness is good enough, but some of the good people over there like Hobbes think it is adequate. Different strokes.

    Your "admission" that the TREO 650 is far from perfect is a good start.... problem is, PalmOne ain't hearing that. All they seem to care about is that even in it's present unfinished state, it's the "next best alternative..." So why should they bother fixing anything????
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    Quote Originally Posted by tundycentral
    Hey Tiffany, you're a cutie... and having said that, you have not read my posts, sounds like you're listening to and parroting the others here... sorry, very ordinary.
    Are you like 13 years old or something? Or is this just a bad week for you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by creighton
    I like elephants
    I went to a circus a couple of weeks ago (see pics on site), and saw an ordinary cat jump about 50 feet onto a cushion. What was that cat thinking?
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    Not complaining about the 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tundycentral
    ... and I'm ugly as sin too. Didn't Tiffany mention something about juvenile being part of the equation? What's the median age here, 15?

    Without you, the median age would be 25.
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    Because when they roll it out, the fundamentals work.. I think it's fair to say that each successive release has been faster and more stable than the last... not so with the Treo 650.
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    Everyone cool off.
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    Otterman, it's a 4 page info/petition site designed to get a chuckle, lighten up buckwheat.
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    LOL.. very creative... dude.
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    I agree there are issues with the 650. The messege is correct but the delivery has too much to desired.

    1. The average user is unaware of this site and others like it.
    2. The word choice is not professional.
    3. The threat messege is too strong and a bit unrealalistic.
    4. Not enough lead time to produce the fixes.

    We need to do something that will yield results. I think we could realisticly ask for:

    1. A petiion to fix the issues. This will provide the level of anger that customers have.
    2 Request a realease that does fix one of the major issues listed
    3. A commitment with a projected timeline for future fixes to address the other issues.

    Drop the threat and if you are that upset with the product sell it and move on. I have considered doing so myself and may still.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tundycentral
    Otterman, it's a 4 page info/petition site designed to get a chuckle, lighten up buckwheat.
    I assume you are responding to me. Otterman is a different person on this forum.

    Its funny in your silly letter to P1 you didn't call your site something to get a chuckle.
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    can anyone hear the monkeys?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Everyone cool off.
    Right on, bro.

    The common goal here should be toward getting PalmOne to acknowledge the problems with the TREO 650 and tell us what they plan to do. Fighting amonst ourselves don't get us there. Think "UNITED FRONT" here, kids. No one wants to take your telephones away, but it is in everybody's best interest to get PalmOne to answer us on this stuff.
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    The otter is an incredibly powerful aquatic mammal... fierce hunter... an impressive master of the terrestrial and liquid mediums. Also a very creative, resourceful animal. Not only have you mislabeled yourself, you've proclaimed yourself "Emperor", get up and do something Mr. Peanut Gallery.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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    Isn't today Flounder Day?
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    Your a good man GWB, and you have good advice.
    Nonetheless, my plan will continue to be "Push"... "Hard".
    That's the only way to get Palm's attention GWB.

    Some of the more astute of my many critics have already pointed out that:
    1. You'll never even get their attention,
    2. They don't care about the end-user no matter what you do,
    3. They believe they only answer to the carriers.

    It's my idiotic belief that a CEO answers to his shareholders, what a concept! And happy shareholders come from top notch products and brisk, sustained sales with low overhead. The key words there, in case anyone missed them is low overhead. If a high percentage of the product comes back in the form of returns for malfunctions or bad design... that translates into expense, overhead. The writing is on the wall.

    I may be incredibly harsh or abrasive in my tactics at times, but all of you will note that I use humor as well (attempted anyway).

    At any rate, when the above 3 points are true and you want change, you must adopt the Howard Stern/Rush Limbaugh philosophy to garner results.

    Namby Pamby nice little letters to the CEO will be filed by his gatekeepers.

    If 30 or 40 other individuals across the globe see this site or read my posts and decide to build similar sites and we are all pointed at each other DMOZ, Google and the like are going to take notice and with some decent metatags... it could have some impact on bringing about change by being somewhere near the top of the search heap. Hopefully, they are better webmasters than I

    I have already stated that when palm one makes some minor changes, my site will be quickly turned into a shrine to the Treo 650.

    I am a happy, proactive guy in life... and I move through this life without apology for my desires.

    Case in point, Tiffany is a beautiful woman and strong-willed too, thankfully. She is one of the few who proudly displays her image with her posts. I wonder how many other men in this forum have ever complimented her for that... and not as a follow-up because someone else just did. I mean just say "Tiffany, you are lovely"... see what I mean? No apology needed, none offered. You're smiling Tiffany... aren't you.. good.

    ... and no, I have no desire at this point to display my image... snipers and all, y'know

    - The 1st snowflake.
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    So whats wrong with the call log? I didn't own a 600, so I am not sure what you are talking about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tundycentral

    I have already stated that when palm one makes some minor changes, my site will be quickly turned into a shrine to the Treo 650.
    I'm sure PalmOne will appreciate your 8 unique hits a month on your site. You'll need much more than some good metatags and spamming your link on treocentral, believe me.

    I think the best way to get your point across to PalmOne is simply do not buy their products if you are unhappy. Who would have thought? Emailing them internet threats only makes your emails an office joke to them.

    I love how small timers believe that they are some huge activist that will have media backing to help get their opnion's out, and force big corporation's to bow down to them because their treo resets to much or something.

    Man just get over it and eBay your treo and move on. "freaking" crybaby's.
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    Hey, I cannot believe it and really have to restrain myself!!

    Out of curiosity (and definately not because I wanted to sign it) I went to the site. Curious if already somebody except Treoblabla signed the petition I clicked "Sign the petition". Wow, this way I signed it??????????????????????

    That is SO dumb. Even if thousands of people clicked, I can write a script that drives the number up and up and up... THAT is unprofessional! How do you use it if you do not even have the proof that the people "signing" it wanted it and are real people?

    Whatever, it's not worth talking about it. The petition is nonsense, Tiffany remains cute, everybody likes monkeys and now we go back and concentrate to utilize our wonderful Treos even more and discuss those subjects!
    Business Case for the Treo 650?
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    I like it at the zoo...except for all the voices. Grandma, is that you?!?
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