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    By the way, Creighton is right, you need to establish a funcitonal website, for purposes other than forcing money from the trademark holder when you are cyber-squatting. TrundyCentral screwed himself in his own statement by admitting that he will hold on to the domainname and turn the screw on palmone. But who cares? Palmone does not require when they have a perfectly terrible support website already. You may have noticed that any updates for the treo650 are found right on the bottom of the support page on the palmone site so...your cybersquatting is only going to make your a$$ fall asleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tundycentral
    Hey Tiffany, you're a cutie... and having said that, you have not read my posts, sounds like you're listening to and parroting the others here... sorry, very ordinary.
    Hmm..funny...I read your post..and I re-read...and what I wrote still stands.
    Especially the juvenile comment..

    What bothers me is that there seems to constantly be 10 people or so hanging out here who are very vocal about how terribly bad they think the Treo 650 is...but whenever a poll is posted about how many resets one have, how many people have returned their Treo it is always blatantly apparent that the VAST users here are silent and happy owners.

    If someone would set up a poll here with a simple question - "Are you happy with your Treo or not" - and the majority were happy would you then sell yours, shut up and move to another forum?

    I am absolutely convinced that WHATEVER you buy you will have problems with and I am sure you will air them in your 'professional way'. I just wish it was on another forum
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    Once again... it is a petition. A chance for the disenfranchised to voice their opinions. An informational site designed to get the best out of PalmOne for it's end users.

    If I've got to play jerk or bad-cop in the process then so be it. I don't see you taking chances do I?

    Cybersquatting... OhforChrissakes!

    Squat on this.
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    Tundy, while I agree with you in principle, the Treo 650 is flawed in some areas. Your approach of writing an email or letter to a CEO using the tone and grammar you used results in one thing...nothing!

    You might try in the future:

    1. State why you are writing. Not why you are pissed off!
    2. Provide FACTS related to any problems or concerns. Do not refer a CEO to a forum board.
    3. Ask for resolution within a reasonable time frame. Not a week to rebuild Rome!
    4. Request a written acknowledgement of your letter and a time frame for resolution.

    Remember, It is not what you say, it is how you say it!
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    what is you favorite animal at the zoo?
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    How about a resolution in beta testing before they release 10's of thousands of units to the general populace at $600 a piece... is that a reasonable time frame for you?
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    I like monkeys
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    I think this thread is sinking fast....
    Cingular Treo 650
    Click here to see what's loaded on my Treo 650
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    10 or so?

    Would you be surprised to see 10,000 to 15,000 people sign the petition over a couple month period? The only real question about the ability to do that is "Can I get the search engine rankings to be seen". That my dear, is the only question, because once it's seen, the results will be predictable. And for the record, as of today, March 3, 2005, with the T650 on the market, the T600 retains it's title as the best all around PDA/PHONE... that's truly sad.

    Wouldn't you agree?


    Then you don't make a lot of calls from the call log or contacts list.
    And you don't use Bluetooth... probably think it's a fad or something, right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    I think this thread is sinking fast....
    Hi zboater, do you like monkeys
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    Gimme a break. You expect them to test every piece of available software on it? Windows XP does not work with everything? Were you too slow to get It does what the product says out of the box. There were specific warnings about conflicts with older software, but if you are buying a Treo 650, you should be aware of how these smartphones, or any computer for that matter, can be turned on its head by putting in certain software. But all of that is besides the point. All of your complaints are about information you had prior to purchasing the device. We all knew about the small ram issues and soft resets and terrible blue tooth headset compatiblity. We have all managed to work around it. About the only thing you got right is that Tiffany is cute. Otherwise, go find your reciept and see if you can find a very kind sales associate that will let you return it and you can go play on the 600 messageboard and have a love-in all day and all night.
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    dutchtrumpet... LOL... I love your approach.. you must write for David Letterman..LOL

    Yes, monkeys are great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    Hi zboater, do you like monkeys
    Yeah, monkeys are allright.
    Cingular Treo 650
    Click here to see what's loaded on my Treo 650
    Do you like my dog? Visit his website!!!
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    I like elephants
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    Actually no, I didn't have the part about terrible bluetooth headset compatibility... that alone would have put me off... but thanks, very nice, um.. googly?
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    I am partial to the dickfer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nicegoogly
    I am partial to the dickfer.
    what's a.....oh wait!!!
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    How do you not know anything about a 600 dollar device before you purchase it? Not a very quick fellow, are you? I was quoting a number of complaints about the phone in general, der.
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    I'm a henweigh man myself... nice try.
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    I agree with you 100% Tundy ... Tiffany is cute. You are not.
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