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    Hello, I've been seriously considering the Treo 650 for SprintPCS for a little while now. While I believe I can tolerate some of the bugs it has, I was very concerned with a BargainPDA review posted this week on the GSM unit that noted that the vibrate mode on the 650 is so weak to be essentially useless. As I keep my current phone (Sanyo 6200) in vibrate mode with ringer off nearly 100% of the time (that way I don't have to remember silencing the phone), a weak/useless vibrate mode would pretty much make the phone useless to me.

    Can anyone comment on the strength of the 650 vibrate mode, esp as compared to other (non-PDA) SprintPCS phones (Sanyo, Samsung, etc.)? I did an extensive search of this forum and only found a few scattered posts with minimal info on the topic. Obviously, I'd like to check it out for myself in the near future, but I'm not even sure if a SprintPCS store would have a fully functional unit where I could feel the vibrate mode for myself.

    So I figured a little extra input never hurts. Thanks for any help!
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    Go to a store and try it there. It feels the same as Samsungs but weaker than Sanyos.
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    I use the GSM 650 and I don't have any problems with the strength of the vibrate mode. I feel it when it's in my pant's pocket though I don't always feel it if it's in a coat/jacket pocket, but there are not many phones that I know of that I would. It's strong enough that when I put it on a solid surface the phone jiggles around slightly when it goes off. I would be more concerned about the earpiece volume....
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    I use the horizontal case and can feel the phone vibrate just fine.

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    I have trouble feeling mine vibrate even when I wear dress pants. I can feel it fine if its on my belt holster.
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    My T650 Vibrates just fine
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    Or, hook up a jackhammer to your 650, guaranteed to vibrate strong
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    My Treo is in vibrate most of the time. I do miss some calls. The vibrate mode is certainly not as strong as my old Sanyo 5300. That Sanyo used to wake me up from sleep
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kash76
    I use the horizontal case and can feel the phone vibrate just fine.

    It is relatively weak (seems to be a higher frequency, less powerful vibrate that mose cell phones), but I can feel it with no problem when I have the phone in the covertec horizontal case but I almos never feel it when it is in the Nutshell vertical sheath case. Dunno why. I think maybe because the horizontal case puts a large part of the phone next to your hip bone. Or maybe it has to do with the direction of the little piston or whatever vibrates moves in, such that it is more evident when the phone is in the horizontal. Anyway, I know that is pure bs speculation but I was just wondering.
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    My experience is similar... the case I use and where it rides will determine how much I feel the vibrate.

    The pa1mOne official horizontal case, I feel quite strongly.

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    The T650 vibration is a little weaker than that of my T600.

    I have a Piel Frama case that I got for my T600, still use it with my T650. And to me the T650 vibration is a little softer, but I felt the T600 vibration was a bit soft too.

    My Blackberry 6230 has a much better vibrate mode.
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    I admit I miss a lot of calls because I do not fel the vibrate. I usually have it in my pocket.
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    I agree with many other folks. The vibrate is weaker than my old Motorola and Nokia phones, but still adequate. Go to the store and play-they should have working models. Set an alarm or something to test it out.

    As for the 'silent' mode, I am thrilled with the little switch on top that sets it into mute mode. At first I was skeptical, but it's quick and easy and you don't have to fumble through profile menus to switch it to silent before a meeting.

    Just my two cents worth. A penny for each thought.
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    This seems to be such a complaint, what would be nice/neat is if somebody developed an external vibrator that used Bluetooth. (Presuming the Treo can send a bluetooth signal for an alert).
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeteEMT
    This seems to be such a complaint, what would be nice/neat is if somebody developed an external vibrator that used Bluetooth. (Presuming the Treo can send a bluetooth signal for an alert).
    Shhh not too loud or the e-mail spammers may start offering me a "Bluetooth Vibrator" instead of Viagra...though my fiance may be interested.
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    Is there any standard measuring for cell phone vibration levels?

    I mean it would be good if when you read a review for a cell phone or Treo and the reivew mentioned something like vibration level is a 3 for this product. And people who prefered a "level 5" would know the vibration was too weak for their normal use.
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    It's definitely weaker than on my old Kyocera 6035.
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    Minor issue- Just a heads up.

    I forgot I switched my phone on mute. I set my alarm using built in app World Clock, and took a nap before work (I work nights). The alarm and/or vibration did not activate, so I over napped and I was a little late for work that night.

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