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    The case looks cool but how hard is it to use the TREO while it is in the case? Do you have to take the TREO out to talk or can you use the touch pad while it is in the case?

    I'm looking at buying one on the internet and can't get my hands on one to test out for myself. Any opinions will be appreciated.

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    uglist case ever its really nice if you plan on beating someone with it or are at a startrek convention its the reason I sold my 600 oh well got a naked 650 now
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    thing makes my treo 600 huge. not worth the money, either.

    fine to use while in the case.
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    Yeah I tried it. But it wasn't really that friendly. I've gotten pretty good at typing with my thumbs and the door screws me up on the right hand. Plus it adds ALOT of bulk...more than I'm willing to deal with. When you clip it to the belt clip it sticks out a good inch and a half from my actual belt me that just screams "Hit me everybody!"'s got a hard case and would sustain the fall, but who wants to keep bending over and picking it up.
    I also didn't like the fact that the screen was unprotected.
    I have been using my Seidio belt holster for a week now and really like it. It's rear facing so the screen is never at risk. It's very easy to get out once you do it a couple of times and it is snug against my belt waist.

    Just my two cents.
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    i have the one made for the treo 600 that is fully closed. yes it can be kind of bulky, and the door can be in the way sometimes if your thumbs are on either side of it when you type. i have been able to use it without a problem by positioning my thumbs on the bottom, and using a jabra 250. it mostly stays in my pocket during the day, so it's not hanging off of my belt either. i also managed to drop my t650 the other day while it was still in the case. the door flung open, and the sd care went shooting out, but the 650 was unscathed. it also has an extra sd card holder inside the door.

    hope this is helpful.
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    I like to keep my phone in my pocket or bag and I know can count on the Innopocket case to protect it. It does bulk it up, but so do all those cases with belt clips and clip connectors on the back side. My hands are large enough that the open door when typing doesn't bother me, but I wouldn't recommend it for someone with small hands. Alll in all, It's a nice fit and very good protection for an expensive phone. Unless I have to type or touch the screen, I don't even need to open up the front of the case since you can view the LCD through the protective panel. It has open access to the 5 way button, contacts, calender, on/off, etc.
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    I've had the case on my 650 for about a week, and mostly like it.

    It's a pretty well made case, and the protection is excellent. All of the cutouts line up well with the control behind them (unlike the krussel case I got initially). Also, there are cutouts for everything, so the only time you need to take the treo out of the case is to get to the battery or reset button.

    I have no trouble using the main hardware buttons through the cutout, so anything that doesn't require typing or touching the screen is good. With the door open, it doen't get in my way for typing or touching the screen, but I'm a lefty. I really like the little rubber grips on the side, it makes the case much less slippery.

    On the other hand, there is a good bit of empty space between the lid and the front of the treo, which makes the case a good bit thicker than it needs to be. I suppose that's to recess the exposed buttons a bit more, to protect from accidental presses, but it still seems like too much space. The door shuts firmly, which is good on the protection side of things, but that also means it takes two hands to open it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mboni
    I have no trouble using the main hardware buttons through the cutout, so anything that doesn't require typing or touching the screen is good.

    I'm currently using the case, and hunting for a replacement. I find the cut out does get in the way of being able to use the main keys. At almost 6 foot 2 inches my hands aren't the smallest, and I find that I can have trouble hitting the green/red phone keys (especially the red one) and accurately hitting the down button when scrolling through long emails. The cut out is just too high above the keyboard, which impacts usability not just bulk.

    I'm going for a Krusell S-Wide Horizontic myself, and hoping to stretch it enough to be able to use a skin case as well.

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    I've had one since I got my phone. It works great for me! The one problem, is that you should make sure that the screw is in tight with a screwdriver - not just by hand. Otherwise it will fall off the belt clip which happened to me. IT fell off in a supermarket onto the floor. The case protected the Treo nicely, except that when I got home I found that the SD card was gone. I guess it shot out of the Treo to underneath a shelf or something since I didn't see it when I bent down to pick it up. So I went down to Radio Shack and got a SanDisk Ultra II which is considerably faster.

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