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    I am using a Cingular Treo 650 and a Jabra 250 bluetooth headset. I get through the intial set-up fine and create the trusted partnership but when I leave the bluetooth screen and then go back into it and look at my trusted devices list the Jabra is gone. When I try it again it says it cannot create a trusted partnership?? Anybody else having a problem keeping thier devices trusted??

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    I have been having the same problem... Wondering if its just a glitch in bluetooth and maybe I should go back to the store and get a different device... anyone else having this problem? any solutions?
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    i don't know if it's the same thing - but if i turn off my scala (sic?) headset, when i turn it back on i have to go through the whole process of setting it up on the device again. i was hoping that once turned on, the device would receive the signal, realize it's on the list of trusted devices (heck, it's the only one) and automatically kick calls over to the headset. Not so, it seems...
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    I had the same problem with a Plantronics M2500 bluetooth headset. I got an exchange under the Plantronics warranty and everything seems to be OK with the new M2500. The new headset stays trusted between power-offs.
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    well its good to know that it might just be the headset and not the Treo... a lot less expensive to replace. I'll try and exchange my jabra headset.

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    hmmm.... sounds to easy, but I will try it. Since this does not seem to be a big problem amoung users maybe its not the treo.
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    Well the place that I bought the headset from was out of stock so as one last effort I Hard Reset my treo and everything works fine now. Don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

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