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    Step-by-step tutorial for syncing entourage 2004 to treo 650 on the Mac the right way

    I am moving from a 270 to a whole new world....a 650

    In preperation I am gathering info on how to do it right the first time.
    I have read many threads, most are not finished. it just gets confusing.

    can someone experienced please give me a step-by-step on how to sync entourage 2004 to a treo 650 on a g4 mac in the easiest pssible way that is sucessful without additional software.

    since I am moving from a 270 to a whole new world, so I suppose I have to remove all the old palm stuff first right?


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    I need this information as well, could someone who has done this please respond!
    treo 90 > treo 300 > treo 600 > treo 650 > motorola Q > instinct > treo pro > Whats next???? PRE?
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    Here's what I would recommend:
    - change your backup file and move it to your desktop
    - delete anything with "palm" "hotsync" or "conduit" from your computer
    - install the Palm 650 software & sync
    - run Microsoft Handheld Sync Installer (located in applications/microsoft office 2004)
    - you can now directly sync entourage with your Treo

    That is what worked for me
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    thanks! do I hear a second? Is this the rock solid way to do it? you hear so many versions...

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