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    I am very happy with my bluespoon ax, but the battery life is a little short. I charge it overnight, and found the charge lasted 8 hours( with about 45 minutes of talk time)

    So about seven hours standby. Does this sound right?

    I would love to find an extra battery, but Nextlink says only to use Nextlink battery and they do not seem to sell batteries on their site. I have e-mailed customer support and await their response.

    Anyone with any experience with battery life, or new battery?
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    WOW - there is something wrong with your AX. I have had mine for months and I only charge it once every 3 or 4 days. I believe that Bluespoon claims 5 to 7 days of standby. I sometimes talk on it for hours (have used it during a 4 hour teleconference with no battery issues). You should contact Bluespoon and see if they will replace your headset/battery.

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    My Bluespoon digital is the same way... battery would drain after less than an hour of talking. I suppose I should contact them and see if it is a replacement item... I had kind of written the Bluespoon off.
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    which phone are you using? (650 or 600+dongle) ?

    I have e-mailed them, they think it is because I use the 600 and a210 dongle which does not allow the AX to go into standby mode. So if your using the 650 you should be okay.

    So it would be interesting to know which phones people have and if it truly effects battery life
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    Any comparisons between the digital and analog?
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    I just got my AX. The red light goes off after 2 minutes of charging and then only lasts for 1 call, is it charging when the red light is not on?
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    Charged my AX all night. Lasted for 4 minutes this morning.

    How can I get a new battery?
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    Don't know if anyone is still looking - suppose you can find the battery elsewhere, but I found this link to an accessory pack if anyone is still looking ... U.K. site though..
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    Nice find blunz!
    I returned my AX on Monday because of a cracked housing and poor battery life (charged overnight but dies within an hour). If my replacement lasts I may consider the accessory pack... otherwise... file 13 for it (.e. trash).

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