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    Saw this today and cracked up, an Eweek journalist describes his experiance with ordering and configuring a Treo 650 with Cingular.,1759,1771603,00.asp
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    Good piece of info from the article for Cingular customers

    "Having been told some of my tale of woe, one data person kindly gave a toll-free number to get the data group directly, and a backup number, just in case. When I tried those numbers later that day, a recorded message said that those toll-free numbers wouldn't work from my area code. *sigh*

    When Blasi was asked about this, he said that Treo questions are supposed to be handled by the business customer care group. When I told him that no rep had ever suggested talking with that group, it was his turn to sigh. (For the record, that number is 1-888-DATA-288, if that helps you avoid the same nightmare.) "
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    I got my Cingular 650 yesterday. It took about 5 minutes to activate it via their phone system (even with switching my number over from AT&T). So far everything has worked well (though I did have to call them to get a SIM unlock code so I could set my own PIN for the phone).

    Customer service was helpful and so far I don't have any complaints (knock on wood)
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    Quoting the article....

    When I did reach the data people, they were indeed quite helpful. They did scare me, though, when they mentioned that there is a known major flaw within the Treo 650 sync software but that it was a PalmOne problem and that PalmOne isn't doing much about it. Such news just makes my head spin worse.

    Does anyone know what he is referering to???
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    Interesting - that 288 part of the phone number suggests that it's originally an ATT group.

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