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    Can anyone recommend the cheapest and best option to use for Intelligolf's GPS capabilities with the Treo 650? Ideally, I'd also like to get one that also has good map/direction options as well. I see a lot about TomTom here but was curious if anyone has used it for Intelligolf and what their experience has been because there are a few special notes about TomTom on the intelligolf web site (which could indicate it is not the best option for intelligolf).

    Thanks in advance.
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    I too am interested in knowing what the cheapest option for a bluetooth gps is. Any ideas?

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    I tried Intelligolf Eagle edition (the one that is supposedly GPS-enabled) and I have to put out a warning to you guys: save your money if you haven't already purchased it. I have yet to be able to download a golf course via desktop Hotsync or wirelessly. Their tech support is horrible--sometimes taking more than a week to respond to email and then not even answering the questions posed. I'm awaiting a refund from Handango. By the way, I do have a TomTom BT GPS, but never got to try it out because I could not get a course onto my T650!
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    I'm interested in igolf ( and starcaddy ( Igolf is cheaper, but Starcaddy shows your precise location on the course, not just a yardage indicator. I have yet to try either officially, (have used the starcaddy demo) but have asked for Starcaddy for my birthday.

    I think it comes down to whether you want just a yardage indicator, or a birds eye view of the course with your precise location. And how much you want to spend.

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    I have been using Intelligolf w/o GPS for several years and found it very useful. I just upgraded to the Eagle edition and have had no problems downloading golf courses. I'm using an Itrek BT GPS from Semsons with my new Treo 650. I haven't played golf yet, but noticed that Intelligolf does not offer many golf course downloads set up for GPS yet- only about 2% of their database. My phone and GPS also works well with Mapopolis so far.

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