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    I am surprised to see that there is no application that offers voicemail storage on the Treo or SD card. Or is this a conflict with the carrieres. I am a European user and fad up paying for listening to my voicemails. Anyone seen anything for the T600 or T650?
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    A few thoughts on this...

    I'm not sure a voicemail application is possible due to hardware limitations. I'm sure someone else can elaborate on this, but I have not seen a voice recorder than can record both sides of a phone conversation directly. Sure they can record (only somewhat effectively) when speakerphone is enabled, but it isn't the optimal method.

    I really miss the call screening feature of my Sanyo 8100. I used it all the time. It played a customizable outgoing message and then recorded the caller to a voice memo if they left a message...and you could pick up at any time if you chose to.

    Re: paying to listen to voicemails. Is it not free for you to check them via landline?
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    Your voicemails aren't on your phone. I don't think the API would support writing an answering machine application, and what's more, I don't see the value. You'd have situations where the answering machine can't pick up (out of service, phone turned off, or on another call), so it'd still go to voicemail, and you still end up having to check your voicemail.

    But like I said, I don't think the Treo has the API needed to write such an app even if someone thought it'd be useful.

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