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    I've just upgraded from a Treo 180 to a 270 to a 600 in the last two weeks. I love my new 600, but there's one thing that I miss from the 180/270: an Alarm Sound setting in Prefs. I'm an attorney and I'm in court often, so by default, I used to keep all sounds off on my Treo, except for Alarm Sound to wake me up in the morning (I use multiclock.prc, which I may discontinue using soon since it's sometimes wreaking havoc with the system sounds on my 600, but that's a whole other story). This also meant that I didn't disturb my wife while reading AvantGo in bed... Does anyone know of a hack that would add an Alarm Sound setting to the Treo 600?

    BTW, I do know that I can just turn the sound off with the sound on/off switch. However, considering my horrible experience with the 180/270's reliability, I'm concerned that this constant fiddling with the on/off switch will make it inoperable at some I'd rather have an Alarm Sound hack if one existed. Thanks!!!
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    HEAR HEAR!! I am with the right-honourable gentleman (sorry been watching too much Prime MInisters Questions on Cspan) in my displeasure over the lack of an appropriate Alarm function on the treo600. Someone drop a line here with some alternatives. Ill be checking for some myself, alarm hacks should be free.

    As for your sound switch, the Treo600 has gotten ratings that would make any sitting president drool (mid to upper 80's approval). From my research there is no known hardware issues regarding the mute button. The treo60 has been out for 3+ years (i think) and i havent seen reports of that. I understand your feeling as I was a Handspring treo 90 owner in the past, way past. My philosophy, is if you can't enjoy something because you fear it may break, why have that nice thing in the first place? so take advantage of that nifty little sound on/off button. Leave the rest to fate.
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    I am in class or at work with it muted all the time, switching it back and forth and it works fine. There are some third party apps that you can assign different times for your phone to have the radio turned off, phone sound turned to whatever you want and the screen brightness turned to whatever you please. A free one that I have tried before is here.

    I am sure there are tons of other apps too. Just search the forums.

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