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    I LOVE my new Treo 650, but there is one thing that is almost a deal breaker and may cause me to ship it back for a refund (I'm still within the 30 day window)!

    The problem is that when I get a call, when I fiddle around with getting the phone out of my belt clilp case to answer it, I usually inadvertently hit a button and either answer it before I am ready to speak, or hang up on the person. I use keyguard, and I even disabled the screen input but this does not protect me when the phone is ringing.

    The problem is that when the phone rings, it disables the keyguard and any key that you press, while trying to get the phone out of its case, will either answer, or hang up on the person calling. This is extremely annoying and has embarassed me on several occasions. In my opinion, the keyguard should protect all keys except the green answer key, or the red hang up key when a call comes in. Once you answer the phone, all buttons should be enabled again.

    I doubt there is a solution for this, so basically I'm just venting, but if anyone has an idea, I'd appreciate hearing it!!
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    I think there are solutions to this problem. I know it has been discussed before. Have you tried TreoGuard? If you do a search I think you might find other solutions as well.
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    I use TreoGuard to prevent that problem, I have the palmOne side pouch and had the same problem. I set TreoGuard to lock all keys on incoming calls except the 5-way and the side button. The side-button lets me silence the phone ringing, and the 5-way middle button I hit to answer. Works like a champ!!!
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