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    Quote Originally Posted by kalelrojin
    See what all is on my Treo650 (mostly games)
    Same here - asked me to install a bunch of Office stuff. Not likely to attract many viewers. Can you list your Treo contents here instead?
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    Warfare, Inc has to be the best game on the Palm. Great action, increasing levels of difficulty, map editor and user scenarios (some very good ones too!) and, multi-player!

    My other favorite: Shiphunt
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    I wish there was counter strike for the palm, I would love to play that bluetooth against people!
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    Robert, I have Warfare moved to SD using ZLauncher. The only issue is startup and shutdown times because the OS has to copy the files to RAM and SD. OTher than that, it works great!!!!
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    Bejeweled, Majongg and Bike or Die (though I don't play it since it stopped working on my 650)
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    anyone know of a Majong game that plays like the tradition game and not just matching tiles. Cuz that's not the way Majong is played!!!
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    Bejweled and Snails

    Snails can work on SD by the way, just store it in the /PALM/launcher directory instead of the /PALM/Programs/zLauncher/apps directory.
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