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    I have this anoying problem on my 600, even tho wireless mode is off it will still try to fetch mail.

    Is this just how snappermail is?

    Is there a way to fix this?
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    I wish it would look and see, but I think it doesn't do that. I had wireless off for a while and saw the battery go down faster then I thought it should and sure enough, snapper was trying to connect and look for mail...ALso, it will do this when streaming audio and re-try every 5min. If I am jamming with P-Tuines and my email check time comes, snappe will wake up the treo and try to connect and then the screen goes off again and then on in 5min when snapper tries again. this will keep happening. I thought it was P-Tunes at first becasue Snapper is on the background, but then I checked the Snapper log and saw it was snapper and now I turn Snapper off when I steram and it's all good. Kinda a pain IMHO.
    Just my 2-cents worth, Matt
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    I guess ill just manually fetch mail, because it is preety annoying.

    For some resone it feels every time i am going to use my treo it will want to auto deliver.

    I have it set to check every hour, but were i work i dont alwasy get signal.

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