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    I have this funny issue where if I compose emails using VersaMail and save them in the Outbox, on hotsync, only one email (the last one composed) is sent. The other emails continue to be retained in the outbox. Then on hotsynching again, one more mail is sent out and so on. Is there some setting that I'm missing? I don't want to use direct mMode access (AT&T) from the 650, I want to compose emails and just send them on sync. Since 1 email goes out each time, I'm sure that my SMTP settings ( are correct.

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
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    I've talked with palmOne and this is a bug in the conduit software that somehow got released.

    I was informed that there should be a patch/upgrade for this problem but not given any indication on when it would come.
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    Damn it damn it !!!

    Thanks a ton for your reply!
    - Sid Vajirkar
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    Sid, I am having the same exact problem and have been googling, searching kb articles on the palm site, and trying to troubleshoot this problem in so many different ways, it's been a headache for days.

    So my question is: Does this bug happen to every Treo 650 Versamail user trying to send emails out with a hotsynch? Or are there some versions where this bug doesn't occur?

    I wish Cingular would lower their rates on a data plan, horrible!

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    I think the problem is not with Versamail per se, but with the HotSync Software on your desktop. So I don't think the ROM version on your phone matters. However, I may have misunderstood.
    I do agree they should make data cheaper... I did hesitate before subscribing to the AT&T m-mode plan, but I could not resist. But now that I am online, I love it. It's probably worth it. Try to adjust that monthly bill by not eating outside once or twice a month

    - Sid
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