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    Has anybody else noticed when they charge the 650 it never goes to 100% (charged)???? it just stays at 99% (charging) no matter how long you charge it for.

    Is it just me or are others seeing this too? Thanks

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    i noticed this too! i have the same unlocked as well.
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    I have a Sprint 650. I seperated the charging cable from the hotsync cable. I leave the charger at home to charge overnight and the hotsync cable in the office. When I get to work in the AM and plug in just the hotsync cable, my Treo will get "trickle charged" throughout the day. The LED won't light up, but the battery will eventually go to 99% just by using the hotsync and no power adapter. Is it possible your power plug isn't actually getting AC electricity and you are just getting trickle charged?
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    Mine goes to 100% but my wife's only hits 99.
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    Mine hits 100% when it's plugged in, however the instant the power is dosconnected, it reads 99%.
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    Off topic, I apologize, but what do you use to capture screenshots?
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    mine will eventually go to 100 but it really takes a while to get past 99 .
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    This has been discussed before and the consensus was that the treo should hit 100 percent as long as it's plugged in (AC) - the second it's unplugged, it goes to 99 percent.

    Some reported that they did a soft reset and that also helped them as the "battery" indicator had somehow glitched and after the soft reset worked again correctly...
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    Screenshot v2.2 -- Linkesoft

    Quote Originally Posted by creighton
    Off topic, I apologize, but what do you use to capture screenshots?
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