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    When I am installing the software that comes with the CD the installation sw crashes when entering the second step (hotsync section). After the crash the hotsync doesn't work.

    I am upgrading from a Treo 600, have XP, and use the German language version.

    Any ideas? Pls help!

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    Did you completely remove the previous version of the palm desktop? If not, or if you still have traces of the old stuff then your computer is having a software conflict. There has been enough posts and threads about upgrading problems that there ought to be a sticky for new users of the T650.

    One user has the link in her signature that explains how to overcome upgrading issues. Come out wherever you are.....
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    Thanks for the reply. No, I didn't remove the old installation as the manual said that would not be necessary. I will try that tonight.

    Can anyone pls. post a link to the threads that discuss the installation / upgrade from the Treo 600?

    Thanks again,

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    the process is simple, but I did not see it anywhere until it was too late...

    Copy your old palmdesktop folder and move and rename it.
    Uninstall palmdesktop
    delete leftover palmone (or handspring) folders
    reinstall "clean" palm desktop
    reinstall your favorite palm apps

    There has been a lot of dicsussion of memory issues on the 650. When I followed this process, I had no issuse - I have as many apps on the 650 as before on the 600.

    I think they issued a bad installer.....
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    I did all that. It's not working. I now get to the setup stage of the installer, but then once it asks me to sync it recognizes the Treo, but then nothing happens.

    It is not syncing. Man, what can I do???
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    I GOT IT!!!
    It was an incompatible version of PDA net that blocked the hotsyn to start up.,CASE=32938
    Man this was hell.
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    Another item that should be made "sticky" for new T650 owners is the Free 128MB SD card offer.

    If you have not gotten yours be sure to get it.
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    congrats - enjoy.

    I ALWAYS have to shut down PDANet prior to Hotsync.....

    sorry I forgot about that..... I was going to ask if the cable was plugged in

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