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    I am moving from a 270 to a whole new world....a 650

    In preperation I am gathering info on how to do it right the first time.
    I have read many threads, most are not finished. it just gets confusing.

    can someone experienced please give me a step-by-step on how to sync entourage 2004 to a treo 650 on a g4 mac in the easiest pssible way that is sucessful without additional software.

    since I am moving from a 270 to a whole new world, so I suppose I have to remove all the old palm stuff first right?


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    i basically already answered this in a recent post:

    i know you said "without additional software" and in my previous post, i use missing sync. i would argue that missing sync isn't an optional piece of software and no i don't work for mark/space, i am just a very satisfied customer. Anyway, palmone has pretty said that they won't be dealing with synching on osx in the near future, and instead be looking to 3rd party developers like mark/space

    you can also try searching this site for 'entourage'.

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