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    Greetings, i was wondering if anyone has had issues sending email on cingular wireless network to a yahoo, gmail, hotmail type of account and getting an error that says: 550 - [] is currently not

    but i can send mail all day to other domains like aol, verizon, corporate domains.. etc..

    i've got all the correct settings, port numbers etc....


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    550 is the PTR error.

    Basically, the carrier will not relay to you mail server.

    Sprint did this a while back and I reported it, but never fixed.

    HUGE change in we are forced to go through their servers for sending, which presents security, performance,and other issues.

    Looks like Sinkular is doing the same.
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    thanks for your reply, i acutally found the answer on p1's KB. weird. anyway, under advanced in the account setup menu i just checked "use authentication, now it works like a charm. hope this helps somone else out.

    p.s if anyone wants to read about it.. its located here,CASE=31747


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    Interesting... you just might have helped me out!
    I use versamail with my Wi-Fi card on my T3 at hotspots and always get "relay failed" errors when sending e-mails to hotmail, yahoo and gmail accounts but never any problems to other domains such as verizon etc. I will try the "authentification" and see if it works for me... thanx

    Like many, I'm hoping for Wi-Fi support for my new 650 so that I don't have to also lug around my T3 for free Wi-Fi at hotspots...

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