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    There is no "activity" indicator (LED or on screen). Some applications may have files open on the card (like RealPlayer or Doc to Go or any application running off the card). Removing the SD card is a physical process (there is no eject command on the Treo)

    How can one be sure that it is safe to remove the card? Any small (free?) utility to show the I/O status of the card?

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    I havent seen one. I guess you have to make sure no app is running that is writing to the card. RealPlayer would be reading in the background, and worse case scenario I dont think it would hurt it to pull the card in the middle of the song.
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    I think P1 should have had an icon appear on screen to show I/O to the card. There is always a possibility of corrupting files on the card if they are open. That's why there is the Eject command in Windows..

    The other think I think would be good to have on the screen is the status of the ringer switch (on top of the Treo). What if someone forgets to turn it back on and is missing calls and alarms etc because the phone won't ring or beep or whatever...

    I know: operator error.. but still, it couldn't be hard to show the status of the switch somewhere on the screen make the device *****-proof


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