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    It's still a hardware problem. Take it back. Sorry.
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    It is a hardware issue. Get the phone replaced. I had an unlocked Unbranded 650 that would lockup error every night (meaning the phone would not recieve a call) as soon as I hit any button in the morning the phone would reset with teh Hal dac error. I told the 3rd world tech support that it was a known issue they told me to call the palmone store and give them the number they gave me and have them replace it. Well I was at day 30 and they told me it was only 15 days where you could exchange it. They said I'd have to buy a new one and when they got the old one back they would credit my credit card. So I bought the new one and they shipped me a fed ex label to send back my old phone and the did credit the account promptly. New one has been rock solid in comparison 5/5/05 was my last crash and that was with blazer.
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    so back to my local cingular shop or call palmone and deal direct. i just have a feeling that the ma and pa local cingular store will give me the run around. they dont even know how these phones work and they sell them?? thanks.
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    Mine had the same problem. Its a hardware issue. I took the phone back to the Cingular store I bought it from. When I showed them the error message there was no run around. They might not know what it means, but they do know it ain't normal.
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    Well, I called Cingular CS and got mine replaced. It took two calls and some explaining but they took care of me rather well. I assume that the phone I receive will be new. Has everyone who got a replacement from Cingular received a new or used(refurbed) one?

    I only received the halradio error twice but from what I read this is a problem that requires a replacement. The almost daily freezes have also gotten old.

    Has everyone had good luck with the replacements? Also I would like everyone's opinion, do you recommend hotsyncing the new phone or starting from scratch?
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    Back up your contacts and calander in Palm Desktop if you are using it, then do a complete reinstall. Delete every that was originally installed.
    My new phone has reset only about 10 times since I got it in March. I think I got a brand new replacement, but I'm not sure.
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    got my replacement two days ago and so far so good. local rep just did a DOA on the defective unit and swaped it out. this unit has the latest cingular software and the old one did not. later.
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    I just got the dreaded halradioacdc too from my replacement unit. My older unit didnt have it. I was told to get a treo with PTTG04 as the starting serial. Palm
    Asia is also sending me a hotsync cradle so I'll be less pissed. Hmm, Im actually kinda happy now. hehehehe
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