Now that its March (about four months after the T650 was available), I thought I'd make a quick list of the things I thought I'd have by now, but do not.

A fricking cradle- Hey, remember the days when you bought a Palm and it came with a cradle? OK, that was a while ago. But remember the days when you bought a Palm AND a cradle? Nothing like a $600 device that lays on my desk connected via a stupid looking cord. Even crackberries and PPCs come with cradles. Hell, my BT headset has a cradle!

2gb SD Card- It seems like it was at least six months ago when Sandisk said they were introducing this baby. Remember when companies made announcements about products and released them in the same YEAR? Way to drop the ball Sandisk!!

Tom Tom GPS for T650- I love my Tom Tom- used it today. But you know how if you sit around all day with functional arms that your nose never itches? Then when someone tells you that you can't touch your nose, it suddenly itches a whole bunch? That's what always happens to me when I use the GPS. Then, all of the sudden, I either get a call or feel an overwhelming compulsion to make a call. If only Tom Tom could play better with the T650.

A no compromise BT headset- What, you can't here me? What, I can't hear you! Whoops, I walked more than four feet away from my phone. Or, this headset is soo heavy, I have a permanently droopy ear. C'mon. Its like I need four different BT headsets- one for whichever compromise I feel is acceptable for the day.

Y'all can take it from here.