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    So yeah I noticed, when i decided to play with phone, and add photos to my contact that the screen would turn on, but the backlight on the screen wouldnt. So i deleted the pictures, and well now it randomly does it. Meaning sometimes the phone will go off, but the screen backlight would not be on, so i would not see the caller ID properly...

    i hope you understand what i mean, and I hope someone else has experienced this as well

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    turn up your back lite just a little and it will not happen again
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    I don't think it sounds like that's his problem.
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    ^yeah that isnt my problem

    i will monitor it today, did a warm reset...if anything i will rebuild the phone tonite, but im sure it will behave itself....if it knows whats good for it...*evil eye*
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    Press the option (egg on lower left) key and the letter "P" on your thumb board.
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    I had happened to me a couple of times. I use the screen brightness at the middle of the scale.
    I hope it would not start doing it more frequent.
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    this just started happening to me.. i woke it up and the backlight didn't come on. i put it back to sleep and woke it up again real quick and the backlight came on.. did this a few times already... maybe time for a replacement...
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    Happened to me last night. I had to do a HARD reset to cure the problem. I'm wondering if Screen Care didn't cause the problem. I could not get the backlight to come on using the option +p or any other method.
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    I cured this problem with a soft reset
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    at least i am not alone...but again it seems to behaving itself...but i think once i get a card reader (the one i have cant read what i have) i will rebuild dah phone...
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    Anyone with this problem running mLights, KBlights or Schedule Care?
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    i have KBlights...and you know i have thought about it being the problem...but i'll try not to think about it
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    I haven't noticed this, but I have noticed that sometimes I wake my phone and the keyboard lights aren't on but the screen is...pressing end, then waking the phone up again seems to cure it.
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    i have kblights also.. this was the first time it happened: battery was down to like 20%, and then it was plugged in to charge. the unit felt like it was getting a lil warm from charging.. thats when i tried to wake it up and it first started happening.
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    I started to see this after I had KBlights and mLights, might be a funky bug?
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    I saw this before I even thought of writing KB LightsOff, so I'm pretty sure it is not related. I noticed that it only happens for me when the brightness is sitting quite low. If I set the brightness above the lower third of the scale, it hardly ever happens.
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    My T650 acts the same as Silverdo. When backlight is low, every now and then the backlight won't come on but the screen is on. No 3rd party apps. When the BL is above 1/3 almost never happens. Cingular.
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    my treo just started doing the same thing. I just purchased mlights the other day. I couldn't even get my screen light to turn on the last time it happened. so I deleted mlights and the screen light back came on. do you think I can get my money back?
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    i have my backlight set at the default level (ie the one it is set at after a hard reset) it happens every now and then

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