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    I looked for this issue but couldnt find anything directly associated w/ my problem. Sorry if its already been discussed.

    When I turn the "General" sound OFF in "Preferences" "Sounds & Alerts". Eventually it Subtly comes back on at a low level when I type, or tap the stylus

    Does everyone/anyone else have this problem?? Is there a fix yet?in the future??
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    same here.. don't know of a fix though.
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    Same problem here as well. The only way I've found to reliably eliminate the system sounds it to turn the speaker off using the slider on the top of the phone. Not ideal I know, but most often when I want to ensure that the system sounds are muted, I also want to ensure that the phone doesn't ring and I don't get audible alerts or notifications. It would be nice though if there were another fix.
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    I heard that sometimes a soft reset will cause this (not every soft reset, but sometimes) This has happened to me about half dozen times since i got my treo. I just go back to the sound prefs, set the system sound to 1 or 2 then back to off and that turns it off again for the time being untill it rears its ugly head. I would get this same bug with my T3 but extremly rare. I think my T3 only did this after hard reset.
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    Did you search and read this thread before?

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