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    I am within my 30 days and they are sending me a replacement charging my card and will refund when they get the deffective unit. Is this normal procedure?
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    funny i just got my return label in the mail today...i have already been billed for two units, and now i will get refunded for one
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    I have never been billed for replacements. You must return them fast though you only have i think 15 days
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    They put a hold on your credit card for the amount of the replacement. This only applies when you do an advanced exchange. It covers their *** in case you don't return the broken one.

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    They sent me the replacement and did NOT take my credit card number down prior to sending it (overnight)
    They did used to do this for the Treo 600 (all 5 times )
    i sent them the original back within a week, but if they do not save your credit card numbers, wonder how they would have charged me for not returning it....
    I have detailed files.

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