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    I also want to comment on a positive customer service experience. Vaja demonstrated to me that they are focused on customer satisfaction and are willing to work hard on resolving any issue related to their product. I think it is important to know this before purchasing a high-end product such as theirs.

    Thank you Vaja
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    yup i know...they do rock the big one!!!!...makes the ivolution case prices worth it, as they are beautiful and that vaja offers excellent customer service
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    I had the worst experience with Vaja just this week, but it started over three weeks ago. They could not accept my credit card for unknown reasons. They asked me to enter my order a second time which I did. They could not accept the credit card a second time for unkown reasons. This is an American Express Corporate card with a high limit that is used every day both online and offline. I just used it yesterday online for $200 of computer stuff and the order has already shipped.

    Vaja asked me to enter my order a third time. I questioned this method of 'customer service' and they replied that was the only way to order the case. I replied back suggesting they call their credit card authoriztion company to 'push' the card through, just as my company does when we have a problem with a customers card.

    Vaja replied they would contact the cc authorization co and respond back to me.
    Two weeks later and no response I contacted them again. They asked me to enter my order again.

    I really really wanted a T65 case and SD holder. The case looks just like what I want.
    However, the poor customer service from Vaja has left me no other choice but to search elsewhere for an appropiate case.

    Nora Stolzenwald, María Cecilia, García Querol and all at Vaja - thanks for nothing.

    I do not give money to companies who do not appear to want it. Very disappointed, thanks for listening.

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