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    There are people with FW 1.15 and software 1.06 on unlocked treos. Has anyone called P1 tech support wiht their isues and see if they will give it to you.
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    lets see if they will distro it like how they did with the T600, i shouldnt see why they wouldnt
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    I hope they do, so I can update my wife's 650.... (or she might embargo mine with the 1.15 )
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    What does it fix? I have the FW1.14 and my Treo 650 works great (no issues.) The only bug I have is that the side (volume) buttons don't mute the ringer like they should.
    I'm sure they'll eventually release an update weather or not it's this one (FW 1.15.) They may be waiting to release an even later version of FW that fixes (and breaks) even more things.
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    I mainly want to know if they fixed the nvfs issue, that's the main one that's bugging me.
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    I would really like my volume on the unlocked gsm to be fixed...even a 20% increase would help, other than that since the Agendus patch my phone is running solid

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