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    Anyone know of a good solution to adding a followup date to the Palm address book app? Datebook 4+ is overkill for my needs and treats such contacts as "to dos". I simply want an address book entry to "show up" on a particular day for contact follow up purposes.

    Also, is it possible to configure Avantgo to download the discussion forums and not just the news/articles/reviews?

    Thanks for any help offered--Bob
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    As far as having an event 'pop-up' on a specified day, can't you just make it a new appointment for the day that you want it to appear? I'm a little confused. What i usually do is something like this:

    Monday August 21: set up an appointment i.e: 'John from Acme Inc.'

    After meeting with John, i click on the appointment and then under the 'Record Menu' choose 'Duplicate item' It'll set up an identical appointment 'John from Acme Inc.' and the details page appears where i set a new date (1 week later) on when i want to contact John again. (i'll usually add a note detailing the first meeting aswell. That way if you want to see when the last time you met with 'John from Acme Inc.' you can use the Finder with John or Acme or both.

    I hope that helps?


    You can set your avantgo channels on the avantgo website. The top of your channels list will have an 'edit channels' button. Once there click on a channel's name and it will show you the info for that channel. You can set channels to update daily, weekly (on specific dates) and at what time. That way you won't have to update ALL your channels everytime you sync. I have a weekly newspaper that i set-up in avantgo and i know the person updates it first thing every monday morning. So i've set that channel to refresh every monday at 10am (after she's updated it!). That channel doesn't get synced every day and that improves my sync time with avantgo aswell!
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    Thanks for providing a usable workaround to what may have sounded like (and may have been) a stupid question. However, I used to use Daytimer's PIM and it allowed one to add a followup date directly to an address (or contact) entry. This facilitated followup since no other appointment or "to do" had to be entered, just hit the date and go. Then the followup would appear on the date specified with address info and relevant notes in place. It was a lot quicker and more intuitive than having to enter a separate appointment or to do.

    I realize Daytimer's PIM provides a synch link with the Palm software, but I like the Palm software better, save for this one missing feature.

    Anyway, thanks for trying.

    Re: Avantgo, I'll probe the customization settings a little more and try again.

    Many thanks, BOB

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