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    I have a couple of questions.

    1. Why is it recommended to turn off Enable Local Network Time if available with Chatter E-mail?

    2. I am sorry I do not have the error message, but after using chatter for about 30 minutes I got this memory error anytime I hit any of the application buttons on my Treo 650. Phone, Calendar, Mail....the same prompt kept coming up. I would then go to the app but I had 4mb of memory so not sure why this was happening. I had to do a soft reset and after I turned off the above mentioned network time I have not had a problem. If I get the error again I will post it but was wondering if anyone had a similar problem?

    I really love chatter e-mail and want to keep using it but want to make sure it is configured right.
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    1.It's not because but because of a bug in the 650, see this thread...

    2. I have not had this due to chatter. The message means you ran out of dynamic memory. this is the chunk reserved for applications to run in. See this....
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    You might also send me email if you're having problems; or post to my board here at treocentral or at

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    Does snappermail have the same issues? Is it more stable on the Treo 650?

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