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    Has anyone tried downloading the second installment of The Plant from Stephen King's web page? I just did and it looks like it over wrote Part 1? Did any else have this problem?
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    Unfortunately this is what it exactly did with my first part. It also signs up as Part I but it is the second part. Looks like the PDA version is not developed very well. I will e-mail them and post the answer here.

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    Yep. Same thing happened here. There are two distinct file names (THE_PLANT_INST_01.pdb and Plant2.pdb), BUT the document title, "The Plant Installation I", is the same for both.

    I discovered this when I went back and converted the doc files to the isilo format. The conversion program permits changes to the document titles, so I was able to give the two files distinctive titles.

    More info about isilo (a document reader) is available
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    Just a quick note. They send me two new files Installment one and two and said that it should work now. But it is the same problem -- they overwrite each other.
    Hmmm -- e-mailed them again.

    Let's wait and see?!

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    Hmmm, no problems for me, they both show up. Good luck!
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    Paul -- what for a software are you using to read the documents? I use AportisDoc -- looks like it is not able to handle it. :-((((((((
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    PeanutReader - the more recent version as of a couple of months ago or so - now reads .doc files too. That's what I'm using (it's free) or you might try cspotrun (also free).
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    Thanks Paul I will give Peanut a try -- sounds good, that it is free.

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    Had this same problem. The problem was that both installments had the same title. I went in with a hex editor (UltraEdit-32) and edited the titles so the were different. Saved them and re-loaded them. Worked great! I guess the titles were too long when King's people converted it to eBook format and it got truncated.

    Make sure you back up you origional file before doing the hex edit in case you screw the edits up!

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