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    I've read the existing threads on hotsync doing a soft reset. I've uninstalled Butler, and do not have any of other applications listed as possible problems. Nothing seems to work. I did a hard reset a while back and reinstalled all my software one by one. After first everything was ok, then i started having problems againd. Could Zlauncher be causing this problem?

    I have Agendus Pro and Mail, Docs to Go, Avantgo, Verichat, Splash ID and Photo, WorldMate Pro, PktQuicken, and a couple of other simple calculator apps.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks for your help.
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    This now becomes a process of elimination. Some software on your Treo is causing this, so you if you want to run all those apps you will have to patiently start from scratch, install one app, and test. If you were working fine and then it started, what was the last app you installed? You may also have to do a clean install of your Palm desktop software to make sure any old settings/backup files are not being restored. Painful, but if you want to identify the offending app, necessary. Good luck!
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