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    Pls help: I just received my Treo 650 and followed exactly the instructions. After installing the software on the PC the first hotsync doesn't work. The Treo is recognized, but the hotsync doesn't fire up. I guess this has been asked before, but still: pls. send some helpful info.


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    Hi Alex,

    If this is your first hotsync and you haven't installed anything yet, you can probably rule out a software conflict. If hotsync doesnt even fire up, I would imagine you have no log to look at. Check the connection to your Treo - remove and reinsert the data cable on both ends (Treo and PC). How can you tell the Treo is recognized? Are you referring to the little Windows pop-up that says "new hardware detected'?
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    Thanks for the quick reply: I did a lot: Soft reset, reinstall the software, reboot PC, use different USB port.
    The treo is recognized, because "new hardware detected" and when I press the hotsync button there is a system sound, but then nothing happens.
    Did anyone have this before?
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    I tried a ton: The problem comes up in the second installation step. Once I enter the second step the installer crashes. I have no clue why.

    Any ideas?

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    Check out this post for the "safest" way to HotSync.

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