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    (Quick history: TomTom Navigator 2004 works great with the Sprint PCS Treo 650, but there's a slight niggle. After using it with a Bluetooth GPS, you must reset the Bluetooth - turn it off then on again - before using a Bluetooth headset again.)

    So a friend just got TomTom Navigator 2004 for her Cingular Treo 650. The Bluetooth issue doesn't exist on that! Apparently, it's a Treo 650 issue, not a TomTom issue. I really hope we get that update from Sprint/PalmOne soon...
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    Sorry to hear that SPCS 650 users are having trouble with TomTom Bt. Mine seems to be working good so far (Unlocked GSM) aside from one time when I lost the GPS signal and for some reason it locked up my device.
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    (Just put this as a separate thread, but thought the readers of this one would be interested).

    I just installed PalmOne's Carkit update because a friend bought an Acura and I wanted to try it. On a hunch I tried TomTom and used my headset WITHOUT resetting the bluetooth first. It now works.

    PalmOne's Carkit update for the Sprint PCS Treo 650 means you can switch back and forth between the Bluetooth GPS and the Bluetooth headset freely with no problems. If you have TomTom, it's a must install:

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