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    I see treocentral has the Sydney Harbour form fit case...It looks interesting, prticularly the recessed screen protector. I also like how the cutouts at the bottom seem actually usable. Has anyone used one of these cases? From the pics, it seems it might add too much bulk (both the snap and the protruding side stitching). I always keep the Treo in my pocket (either pants or jacket) because I hate belt clips, and I'm wondering if this case adds too much bulk???

    For reference, I currently have the leather form fit case from Krusell. I like the tight (and very form fitting) case, but don't like that the cutouts for the sync connector, mic, and stylus don't line up very well. The mic is almost completely covered, and I have to play with the sync cutout to plug in my cable. It's a royal pain every time I want to charge or sync.

    Thanks for any reviews/feedback on the Sydney Harbour case, so I don't end up buying another case I don't really like. (Note to carriers of the Treo...both Sprint and Cingular...carry more cases in your stores! I don't like any that you stock, and a case is something you really should see/touch/feel before buying!!!)
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    Bump! I'm liking this case too. Not happy with my Sena. Thinking seriously about the T66.
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    I am ordering it because I am a fool, I have the Krusell and love it but sometimes not being able to hit the edge of the screen impacts me....I love to toss money out the window for no reason so this is my fourth case .

    I'll let you know when I get it
    I wish I had a dime for every dime I have
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    Quote Originally Posted by markyoung04
    I am ordering it because I am a fool, I have the Krusell and love it but sometimes not being able to hit the edge of the screen impacts me....I love to toss money out the window for no reason so this is my fourth case .

    I'll let you know when I get it

    Trust me you are not alone !
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    Tell my wife that, right now if I keep this my two kids will be lucky to go to community college, not that there is anything wrong with that but telling her they can't go to UVA because of my Treo is not going to fly
    I wish I had a dime for every dime I have
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    Boy, that's smart thinking ..
    A 1000 bucks a year ( that's what a treo ends up consuming including cases etc..) and is almost a yearly upgrade .
    Now if that money goes into there savings account , will be quite a sum by the time they are ready for college.
    I need to consider this for my 1 yr old ..
    Hey , but.... Treo is more than a phone . It is slowly becoming a lifestyle . A busy physician who hardly has time to edit and sign his notes, but regularly spends 2 hrs discussing a phone on a website ..... and phone cases.
    How foolish is that ?
    But we all Love our little gadget and try to dress it up with different cases,not much different from a little girl changing her barbie doll's dresses!
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    This one looks pretty cool, but I'd like to see a picture that shows how far out the clip sticks out (side profile). I hate cases with bulky clips.
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    I am looking at this case as well. I'd be all over it if it didn't have the protruding stiching. Why-ever they didn't just wrap that part in is beyond me!
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    looks cool but i'll just have to pass on this one. I already have 4 cases that for one reason or another i don't use. finding the perfect case seems like an neverending journey. will stick to the ipod case for now haven't been having problems with it..
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    Well.... has anyone ordered it yet? Any pics to share?
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    I'm ordering one. I'll post back with a review once I get it.
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    I received mine last week... bought it for ~25 including shipping.

    although the idea is good for the recessed screen, they had to use a stiffer plastic particularly at the edges to do so and that makes it a little harder to tap the screen accurately at the edges. the stiffer plastic requires you to tap harder and doing so causes a larger radius to come in contact with the screen making pinpoint tapping harder. having said that - you only need to tap it a few times to let the plastic set against the screen - and you should have little problems subsequently... tapping anywhere on the middle of the screen generally has no problems...

    i did notice that it's become better now after a week or so - i don't tap the screen too extensively - from using the very scientic 'bejewelled' test because the plastic has settled.

    there's a screendoor effect around the edges (around .5" in) - because of some tiny ridge lines in the plastic - again this has to do with making the recessed plastic i assume...

    the other aspects of the case are good. cutouts are very accurate , the leather (what little of it there is since it only covers the back) feels supple, and the belt holster swivels around and is removable. the plastic in general fits very snugly around the treo and it seems securely sewen all the way around the leather portion of the case...

    my main purpose for the case was for the belt clip since none of these form fit cases are gonna protect it from any falls and for some additional protection that the included screen protector was not going to provide.... since the treo is not painted and therefore not susceptible to scratches, i wasn't to worried about that, considering this case allows more exposed areas (the top of the phone and keyboard) compared to the krusell case...
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    Thanks for the detailed review David K. Excellent! Any pics to share?
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    i'll try posting some tonight...
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    Lookforward to your pictures. This may be the one for me. Maybe I get lucky and be satisfied with the first case I get. Looking for a best "bare" case. I would be interested in seeing how much thickness it adds to the phone. If possible, give us a side shot. Thanks.
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    FYI, its available on ebay:

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    Yup. Planning to buy it there unless you got a better source. Been holding off on a case and this one seems to appeal to me the most.
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    here are some pics for details i mentioned in my previous post... i think the ones in the treocentral store should suffice if you just want to see how it looks.
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    thanks for the picture. Now, the keyboard and screen is not covered, right?
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    Thanks for the pics DavidK!!!

    Sklim, the screen is covered with a recessed overlay which is different than the other kind. The keyboard is not covered.
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