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    Thanks for your reply, Stock.

    I pulled the trigger and ordered mine thru ebay. $26.50 w/ shipping. Call me cheap but I still think almost $30 for a case is expensive. So, I can't imagine folks here spending as much $80 on these cases and let alone owning 3-4 and not being satified. I did a lot of research on virtually on cases available for the 650 and find this the most appealing to me (at least on the picture and function spec so far).

    Anyway, I should have it in a few days and I can put up my review. If it turns out not working for me, it's going back to bare naked inside a slip case and continue to look for a case that is as good as not having one.
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    I'll look forward to your review and pics sklim1.
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    Received my Sydney and had a few days to use it. I have mixed feeling about this case but unfortunately I don't have another case to compare to.

    I like:

    The dual purpose of being a holster and case. It does slip easily when you undo the "safety" button. I love the fact that I can get the bare phone out easily. I don't think you can do this w/ any other case in the market. it also go back in easily.

    No leather around the front. The clear plastic makes the phone less fat compared to a leather front.

    Corner protection - unlike the krusell, you get some scratch protection on the lower corners

    Wish there is no plastic covering the screen. I notice there are these "sink" lines around the viewing area and collects dust after use. Also, it makes touch screen function almost unusable w/ a screen protector. I'm planning to cut the plastic around the screen and just use a screen protector sheet.

    Wish the swivel beltclip could be smoother and better quality. Not bad but not great either.
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    I just got my Sydney Harbour case. I went with this one because the recessed screen seemed like a good idea theory, allowing better tap control than a regular case that covers the screen. In reality it sucks. I'm going to cut out the part of the case that covers the screen and go back to a regular screen protector. I can't get it to work reliably at all, and when I do get it to register the tap where I'm actually tapping its usually when I've been trying for several attempts already and I have to push way too hard. The problem is that I took off the screen protector that I had on my 650 because I thought that was the problem at first and I don't have another one to replace it with, so now I've got to put up with the case randomly tapping the screen on its own and not being able to tap it when I want to until I can get new screen protectors so that I can modify the case. Another bugaboo, I went to play my favorite game, Warfare Inc., and had to spend about 5 min. trying to get the phone out of the case (you NEED good stylus control/tapping to play Warfare) because there was something mysteriously holding onto it very, very tightly. I used my stylus and finger to loosen it, but there was just something stuck.

    I guess I'll see if the screen cover improves as I wait for some new screen protectors to arrive. I hope that the mysterious grabbiness goes away too.
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    I was just looking for a place to put my review in on this case when I stumbled on this post.

    While the idea of the case is great ... I was looking for a diminuitive case for added protection ... the implementation leaves a lot to be desired.

    Recessed screen protector?? more like "piece of plastic to reduce the accuracy of your stylus to that of Shreks thumb". In addition to the very annoying distortion around the edges of the screen caused by the molded plastic, any icons around any edge of the screen are almost impossible to press with the stylus ... and don't even think of using your finger. Sometimes, as a matter of fact, when trying to use the stylus in a corner or edge, the plastic is so stiff that it will translate the pressure to another icon entirely!! It's like a crap-shoot every time you attempt to press something on the edges. I just logged on to find a regular-old screen protector because I'm going to cut that freakin plastic screen out of the case altogether.

    Other than the very poorly designed 'screen deflector', the case is very slim - just what I was looking for. But it seems the real draw is the screen thingy ... if this is why you're leaning this direction, move on. You will be disappointed.

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    notice the holster function is not as smooth as before after a few weeks of use. The plastic molding has soften up a bit causing the sides walls to stick to the buttons more. It just a little bit more effort to slide the phone out. Yes, the screen plastic has to go.
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    I've now discovered the snap button on the back that holds the phone from slipping out comes off easily. Mine came off and caused some major cosmetic damage to my phone. This was an original concern but didn't realize the phone would slip out so easily. Looks like a design issue with type of buttons they used.

    I wish I hadn't cut out my screen yet as now I can't return the case. Overall, this case is not worth the money.
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    The snap on my case is still holding strong, and I have to take my phone out of the case a couple times every day to use my stylus (I still haven't purchased a new screen protector). The mysterious grabbiness that I was experiencing has gone away with use however, so its easier to get the phone out now.

    I agree that this case is overpriced, but they all are so what are we to do? These things should be like $5-$10, not $30-$100.
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    Yeah, don't know if I want to spend another 30-40 bucks on another experimentation. My phone now has a permanent reminder from the cement floor from using this case.

    edit: Just noticed one corner of the case is cracking. Probably from daily use or phone drops. Very low quality case - save your money.
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