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    I asked as I wonder if they'll charge the stupid shipping cost and custom via border...
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    probably will.. they wanted to charge me for overnight shipping to hawaii. i ended up just having it shipped to a friend in the 48 states and having them mail it postal service to me..
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    where is this offer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tux
    where is this offer?
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    Mine should be here tommorow.

    No shipping cost, no duties. Free.
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    I requested the free SD card subsequent to receiving my 650 and it arrived within 3 days at no charge whatsoever. I'm in Halifax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darnell
    Thanks man, mine is on the way
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    No problem.

    Sure would be nice if they were just included with any new T650 purchased.

    And since service providers know the model phone you have (they do with Sprint so I'm just assuming others do) it would be nice if they sent a voice mail or something to T650 owners informing them of this offer.

    While PalmOne has addressed the issue and says they will do more, their lack of "eagerness" to inform folks of this offer is a little disheartening.
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    I thought this deal was just for Sprint, but it works fine for Cingular too!


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