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    SprintPCS has a dangerous way of accounting that could result in your service being cut if you buy a phone directly from their Telesales. If you are an existing customer, you can be severely screwed by them if you innocently allow your Sprint cell number to be known by Telesales.

    Having been the victim TWICE of this (yeah, I'm dumb), I thought I'd share what I've now learned:

    If you are a Sprint customer, NEVER tell the Telesales department that you have an account with Sprint unless you absolutely need to (for rebates and the like - even then be careful). Although you should ALWAYS pay by credit card, if Sprint knows you are an existing customer they will run that charge through your service account first, and immediately issue a credit from the credit card. To this day they deny they do it - but DON'T believe them - they lie.

    Although you think you have paid in full from the credit card, Sprint has hooked your service, and can later threaten to kill your cell service (or just do it) if there is a dispute over the phones. Months after the fact, they will dump the phones onto your bill as though you charged them to your Sprint service instead of a credit card, and then age it as though you have had late payments for months! They use this to "justify" cutting off your service, because they can claim that because they ran it through your service bill, you have "not paid your bill for months" rather than you have disputed an incorrect charge on your credit card. Very sneaky, eh?

    Back after discovering the Treo 650 was an usable "upgrade" because of the 40% less memory, I got the Sprint return kit and returned my phones in early December, have all proof from UPS. I told AMEX that I was expecting a credit from Sprint.

    All was well until yesterday when I received a blackmail phone call from Sprint's "collections department" (some outsourced thugs in Jamaica) threatening to cut off all of my phones if I didn't pay them $2000 for the phones that Sprint has had since early December. After over 7 hours (so far) of calls and research, I have discovered that Sprint runs their EXISTING customer's phone purchases through their Sprint accounts FIRST, then applies your charge card payment to your service bill.

    So basically, when Sprint f#$%%$$cks up (as they are know to do quite often) and doesn't credit you for the returned phones, Sprint will BACKCHARGE YOUR SERVICE BILL AND AGE IT AS THOUGH YOU NEVER PAID FOR MONTHS. They then use this justification to blackmail you with turning off your service within a day! Quite a scam - the mafia could learn a lot from Sprint...

    Here's the kicker -nobody at Sprint can easily fix this once it starts - As they are threatening you with immediate cutoff of service for money they are not owed, you are caught in their corporate Catch-22:

    * The "Collections" is an outsourced company in Jamaica, and the ONLY thing they can do is get your Credit Card, Check, or tell you to go to a branch and wire them $$$ via Western Union. Don't bother telling them you don't owe any money, as they keep repeating "check or credit card, or we cut off your service tomorrow."

    * "Customer Service" can't do a damn thing because it's "gone to collections." Some representatives will valiantly attempt to resolve it, but eventually they will put you "on hold" (and realize they can't do a damn thing and this issue will only make their "call count" look bad) and then the line goes dead. Guaranteed.

    * Sprint Corporate Stores can't do anything more than you can do yourself, because they are forced to deal with the same people that you deal with. Sometimes Sprint stores CAN get the "login" of the employees, which may help with future lawsuits or documentation.

    * Escalating to a supervisor MAY be able to help stave off immediate cutoff, but it will take hours, and the best they can do is post "temporary credits" that only last 10 days, but supposedly "take it out of collections" for that term. Have them also "initiate a billing dispute."

    * The ONLY thing that seems to work to resolve this is dealing directly with Sprint corporate offices. It takes quite a while and lots of frustrating callbacks to reach the right department, the beginning number is 800-829-0965 (then say "operator")- you will get bounced to regular impotent customer service (and other irrelevent departments) a few times but keep calling back until you have them transfer you to someone in the ACTUAL corporate offices. It will still take hours from there, but you may have a chance of accurate resolution and your phone service still working.

    I'd break my contract with these ba$tards today, but I now the others in the Cell Phone Cabal aren't too much better than Sprint. What they need is a good dose of government regulation, perhaps under the RICO act...
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    If all you say is is true (and I have no reason to doubt), the I have one word for you:


    That would be after I LET them disconnect my service.
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    I had the same thing happen to me -- my credit card charge for my new phone was applied to my existing account, and then my new phone was a line item on my next bill which was then auto-paid by a different credit card. It looked like a mess until I figured out what they had done. Seems really silly to do it that way!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bguzik
    If all you say is is true (and I have no reason to doubt), the I have one word for you:


    That would be after I LET them disconnect my service.
    I wish it were so easy to "just" let them disconnect my service, then sue them and buy a Winnabago with the payout. I've got everything documented to the "n'th" degree. Unfortunately, I've seen enough emotional distress out of Sprint for several lifetimes already, and courtrooms would only add to that. Plus, most modern corporate criminals are slipping in "fine print" that reads you agree to mandatory arbitration when they screw you, and I'm sure Sprint has it somewhere in their everchanging terms...

    With a couple kids and their mom also on the account, "just" letting the service get disconnected isn't an easy option for me. When Sprint plays so fast and loose with their threats to harm our ability to reach our children it creates a real and tangible emergency to me. Losing the ONE phone number I use for business and personal reasons is hardly a minor hardship, either. Yet to Sprint, screwups like this are just "areas of potential improvement" or other such nonsense corporatespeak phrases.

    All the legal winnings in the world isn't worth the risk of having your kid raped or killed because the bus didn't come and he was abducted walking a few miles home at dark in the rain because he had no way to reach you. Payphones are becoming as quaint as 8-track tapes. Nothing Sprint or the courts can offer me would ever replace my kids. Nothing.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    I would send a polite email to . He is the CEO. You will recieve a call within hours from someone on his staff, which is essentially executive services. They will do whatever is required to fix your problem.
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    Joad, just email your post to Sprint CEO at the address that mhoepfin listed. He needs to know this issue affects a lot of new customers, and more impotantly he needs to take action concerning:

    - Adding the cost of equipment to your account although you paid for it by credit card
    - Disconnecting your service without contacting you
    - Putting every new customer in that narrow $200 spending limit.

    Let us know what transpires. If you need help I can email Sprint as well because this happened to me twice before I dumped them and went to Cingular.
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    I've ordered five phones from telesales over the past year, and each time, they all knew my phone number. Two of those orders ended up being cancelled/returned. Not once was my service ever cut off.
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    I had a similar experience when I ordered the 600 through Sprint telesales. It never got quite so out of hand as but it did require many hours of my time before it was resolved. I don't remember who I finally e-mailed, it may have been Gary Forsee, but I do remember receiving a call later that say or the next day at which point the whole mess was straightened out. I recall thinking at the time how ridiculous it was that with that one phone call I was able to fix everything, yet absolutely nothing was accomplished over the course of 5-10 calls with the CSR's and their managers.
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    I had an issue when I got my TREO. It's because (as the original poster said) SPRINT does not differentiate between SALES and SERVICE (a complaint I made to corporate). I bought a phone and paid via credit card. Rather than dealing with the sales as a seperate transaction (and entity) - they put the payment towards my sprint account which at the same time, then had a balance due. Because their website isn't updated "in real time" I paid my "balance in full" that was "due" but apparently the next bill was also on there. Confusing I know - but in short, because they don't differentiate, it was 3 months before I had a normal "bill" and not one completely messed up because of this weird transaction.

    If you pay for a phone, you pay for a phone. That money shouldn't be applied to service. I didn't "authorize" that. I "authorized" a transaction for a PHYSICAL product.

    My .02
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    Quote Originally Posted by scaredpoet
    I've ordered five phones from telesales over the past year, and each time, they all knew my phone number. Two of those orders ended up being cancelled/returned. Not once was my service ever cut off.
    And how are you helping this thread? My service was suspended twice in 3 weeks in January, each time after getting a new phone and paying for it by credit card. The reason is that they added the cost of the phone to my account even though it was fully paid by credit card. The account spendng limit is $200, which is fine for your monthly bill and the stupid ringtones you may buy from them, but not for adding new equipment. The phones cost $629 and $289 respectively. A Can you do the math?
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    I would take the advice above and email the CEO. I had a problem with MCI Wireless one time over a pager. They kept billing it for two years after I turned the service off and would never fix the bill. Sent an email to the COO of MCI Wireless, got an email the next day from a director in customer service who fixed the problem in a few minutes.
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    I agree with the other posters. Go to the top. I did the same thing for a situation where Sprint really hadn't done anything WRONG, per se, I just wasn't happy. It got fixed, and I was happy. Of course, you could always come buy one from me at Radioshack and not deal with Telesales. (Boy, I just opened myself up for ALL KINDS of flames, huh? )
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