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    I have a problem with my time being off by 30 minutes after a day on normal use. It seems like this only occurs if I have used pocket tunes during the day otherwise the time is just fine.

    Is this a known problem or should I try to get a new phone?

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    I use Pocket Tunes constantly during a day (at least 3 hours throughout the day) and I don't seem to have that problem.
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    So you think this is a hardware problem.
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    Sure sounds like it. Or, there is another app that is controlling the time.
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    Well, I have numerous other applications installed which I use during the day as well. This looks like a hard problem to crack.
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    Do any of them "rely" on the time?
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    Well, most of them. Worldmate, snappermail, Verichat, treoguard etc..
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    Maybe the phone is resetting and you dont know it. Check the log file #*377 and dial for GSM or ##377 for CDMA.
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    Would a reset move the clock back? I have a couple of hangs and resets every day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swedenliketreo
    Would a reset move the clock back? I have a couple of hangs and resets every day.
    EVERY DAY??!!! I think that's a real problem, never mind the half hour problem.
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    It will probably slow down a bit when I lose interest in testing out all the new applications and features.
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    Just confirmed that if I replace my battery after I had a lock, my clock moves back 15 minutes. Doing a softreset (from uninstaller) does not.

    Not a huge problem, but interesting anyway. Anyone else? Using unlocked GSM with fw .14. This seems to be my problem, pockettunes is fine!
    Unlocked GSM 680
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    All - more then likely u saw this already but if you didn't, there is a documented problem w/ the Sprint Treo and the time setting. there is a sticky on this.

    sorry if you already new this (or have GSM)
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